Internationally Accredited Diploma Courses for Beginners and Practitioners




An Anatomy of the Aura and Chakra System

A fully accredited Diploma course into the world of the Anatomy of the Aura and Chakra System. 



Diploma Course in Colour Therapy

A fully accredited Colour Therapy Course, over eight months, exploring the Healing qualities of Colour.

Diploma Course in Crystal Therapy

A fully accredited Crystal Therapy Course, over twelve months, exploring the healing possibilities of Crystals.

Diploma Course in Heartfulness

A fully accredited Course in Heartfulness, the art of living our lives from our Heart Space.



Studying our Heart-based Courses in  Anatomy of the Chakra & Aura System,  Crystal Therapy and Colour Therapy.  You can
begin your journey in the beautiful world of Holistic Healing, set up a practice, and help others become their authentic selves. 


If you yearn for a world bathed in peace and harmony, that change begins within you. Instead of merely wishing for a better world, become the embodiment of the change you seek. Be the living, breathing essence of peace and harmony. Radiate kindness, sow seeds of understanding, and cultivate compassion in your every action. The world transforms when individuals decide to embody the ideals they wish to see. Let your thoughts be peaceful, let your words be harmonious, and let your actions echo the change you crave. In being the difference, you contribute to a ripple effect that can shape a world resonating with the very qualities you aspire to see. The power to transform the world is within you. #BeTheChange #PeaceAndHarmony #TransformTheWorld Listen to your Heart www.AtlantisInstitute.org


In every breath we take, there lies a profound dichotomy. We inhale with entitlement, expecting the air to be there without a second thought. Simultaneously, someone, somewhere, is exhaling their final breath. Let's pause and reflect. The air we breathe is a gift, a lifeline that often goes unnoticed. In the rhythm of our breath, there's a delicate balance between existence and farewell. Embrace gratitude for the air filling your lungs. Appreciate the life pulsating through you with every inhale. In this moment, you're alive, connected to the vast tapestry of humanity. Let's carry appreciation in our Hearts and share the air of compassion. Cherish life, for it's a fragile and beautiful dance. #Gratitude #LifeIsPrecious #BreatheWithPurpose Listen to your Heart www.AtlantisInstitute.org


Our dream time is a sacred journey into the realm of the soul. As we surrender to the embrace of sleep, our soul takes flight, and embarks on an extraordinary exploration. In the quiet hours of the night, our essence ventures beyond the confines of the body. It roams through the landscapes of dreams, weaving through the tapestry of imagination and emotion. Every corner of the subconscious becomes a canvas for the soul's wanderings. And then, as dawn approaches, our soul returns, bringing with it the treasures of the dream world. Fragments of wisdom, symbols of the unconscious, and echoes of emotions come back to us, enriching our waking reality. Embrace the mysteries, for in the dance of dreams, we find a connection to the deepest parts of ourselves. #DreamJourney #SoulExploration #EmbraceTheMystery Listen to your Heart www.AtlantisInstitute.org


Breaking the chains of emotional dysfunctionality requires courage and resilience. It's a silent legacy woven into the fabric of our DNA, passing through generations like an invisible thread. Yet, within this cycle, there lies an opportunity for change. Embrace the power of transformation. It takes one brave individual willing to confront the patterns that have lingered for generations. Until someone stands up and says, "The cycle ends with me," the echoes of emotional dysfunction may persist. Change begins with awareness and a commitment to healing. Rewriting the narrative for ourselves and those who come after us. Break the chains, shatter the silence, and pave the way for a healthier emotional legacy. We have the power to redefine the story embedded in our DNA. #BreakTheCycle #EmotionalHealing #GenerationalChange Listen to your Heart www.AtlantisInstitute.org