Internationally Accredited Diploma Courses for Beginners and Practitioners




An Anatomy of the Aura and Chakra System

A fully accredited Diploma course into the world of the Anatomy of the Aura and Chakra System. 



Diploma Course in Colour Therapy

A fully accredited Colour Therapy Course, over eight months, exploring the Healing qualities of Colour.

Diploma Course in Crystal Therapy

A fully accredited Crystal Therapy Course, over twelve months, exploring the healing possibilities of Crystals.

Diploma Course in Heartfulness

A fully accredited Course in Heartfulness, the art of living our lives from our Heart Space.



Studying our Heart-based Courses in  Anatomy of the Chakra & Aura System,  Crystal Therapy and Colour Therapy.  You can
begin your journey in the beautiful world of Holistic Healing, set up a practice, and help others become their authentic selves. 


The Dark Side of Halloween: Its Halloween again, and we hear and talk about monsters, ghosts, vampires and witches. It's a fun time for kids as they go about trick or treating, they don't see the relevance of the celebration nor do they see the dangers. But this is a dark time ... Read More Here https://www.atlantisinstitute.org/articles/todays-dark-side-of-halloween/


These three words mean everything, yet, when said without feeling, mean nothing. It is hard to say "I Love You" because in that moment, we become vulnerable. be Your Heart. www.AtlantisInstitute.org #words #moment #mean #love #heartfulness


What might we learn from the Aura & chakra Anatomy? An energy system that intertwines with the physical, rooted in the etheric and connected with Source. Be your Heart. www.AtlantisInstitute.org #heart #source #connected #heartfulness


Be your true self, be your Heart. Look into your Heart for the answers and the truth. www.AtlantisInstitute.org #heart #heartfelt #self #heartfulness


Nothing has any meaning until I give it meaning. Be Heartful about what you give your energy to in your day. Not everything deserves to be given meaning. Be your Heart. www.AtlantisInstitute.org #bestday #meaning #instaenergy #heartfulness


Today, I'm not OK, and that's O OK because it's perfectly OK to be not OK sometimes. Tomorrow is a new day. Be OK with not being OK. Be your Heart. www.atlantisinstitute.org #beok #beingok #today #bestday #heartfulness


Human beings have a range of vision between 430-770Thz. We can only hear sound between 20hz-20Khz. The ranges of Sound and Light Frequencies are Vast. Imagine what is happening around us that we cannot see or hear. But we can feel or Sense. Be Your Heart. www.AtlantisInstitute.org #humanbeing #light #sense #lightfrequencies #heartfulness


Shame is an emotion abused by the catholic church to control us. Shame flourishes in secrecy and darkness; it cannot survive in openness and light. Be your Heart. www.AtlantisInstitute.org #catholicchurch #emotion #truth #darknessiscoming #heartfelt #control #heartfulness


Our cells respond to everything we say without identifying whether the statement is positive or negative. Our Self Chatter is damaging to our well-being. Change the mantra of self Chatter to something positive. Be your Heart. www.AtlantisInstitute.org. #chatter #cells #self #heartfulness