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David is a practitioner and teacher in the Holistic modality of Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy, Aura & Chakra Anatomy and Non-Verbal Communication, incorporating his own personal experience in empathising with others.

If I have no honour or integrity – then I have nothing.

David Ellis


Learn the secrets to The Human Energy FieldCrystal Therapy and Colour Therapy with our online courses

Colour Therapy Course

Colour was my very first Holistic course in Holistic Wellbeing many years ago. It holds a special place in my Heart. This course is a great learning journey into the world of Colour and how Colour affects us in every way. The course will give you insights into what Colours to use in Healing and what Colours to wear for healing and impact, together with how Colour affects our moods and why we would never paint a bedroom red. This course explores why our energy system can become blocked and methods to clear those blocks, and a full understanding of the function of the Aura and Chakra systems and how they interact with the physical and emotional self.   A course in colour therapy

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Crystal Therapy Course

Crystal Therapy Course

I have a passion for Crystals, but at the same time, I'm a practical man. I feel the energy of the Crystalline Kingdome, but I also know that we are Human and need to manage our energies with the help of the Crystalline Kingdom. There is no Magic in the Crystal, but there is Magic in the connection between humans and Crystal and how that energy can propel us into wellbeing. This course is a Heart Felt based course into the healing aspects of the Crystalline Kingdom. In this course, you will discover the human-crystal connection, how crystal growth is linked with our own development and how Crystal formation, shape, and colour are so important in the concept of Crystal Healing.    Crystal placement on the body  

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Aura and chakra

Chakra and Aura Anatomy Course

Many years ago, when I did my first Colour Therapy course, I was excited with all the new information I had acquired. Then I followed with a Crystal Therapy course. Only after I completed several courses, I realised that The Aura and Chakra Anatomy is the entire basis of Human Wellness. This course offers comprehensive heart-based learning on the energies and effects of the electromagnetic field or in other words, Chakra and Aura field of energy and how to recognise blocks and issues occurring within the system and solutions and healing to bring balance and harmony to the entire system.

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What the colour of your clothes say about you

Colour Choices in our Clothing – What are we really saying?

What statements are we making or what secrets are we divulging, by choice of colours that we choose to wear. What we wear tells a great story about how we are and how we truly feel inside. We don't really want everyone to know how we feel. This is a wonderful short course into the world of Colour and how our choices of Colour in our clothing can tell so much about ourselves. Our emotions, our feelings, our wants and needs. The course will give you insights into what Colours in garments and clothing tell us about ourselves and, more importantly, what we can learn and know about other people around us. The Black Dress is more than just a Black Dress Our clothes colours tell a story about how we feel.  

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Reading Body language

Non Verbal Communication – Body Language

I was fascinated when I attended my first Joe Navarro course in Non-Verbal Communication. I realised as a therapist how helpful this could be to understand my clients without them saying a word. I became so interested in the subject; I wrote my own course. In this course, you will learn how to read other people's Non-Verbal Communication or Body Language. By reading other peoples body language, you will be able to establish whether a person is lying to you or if they are compatible with you or if they like you or if they might be interested in you or if they want to connect with you. These tools are invaluable when trying to establish friendships, relationships, business connections and business sales Non Verbal Behaviour

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colour personality

Colour Profiling

This is truly an exciting way to understand a person's archetypal personality. This can benefit in-home or work, or social environments. In this course, you will learn to read people by choosing your favourite and least favourite colours. By truthfully ascertaining a persons favourite colour and least favourite colour, you will be able to understand their personality type, what they excel at, what they are poor at, how they. Interact with their environment and the world around them, how they communicate with others if they are leaders or followers. The list is endless. These tools are invaluable when trying to establish business connections, conducting interviews, or building new friendships. favourite colour  

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