Welcome to our Diploma Course in Practitioner Crystal Therapy!

Are you captivated by the mesmerising beauty and metaphysical properties of crystals? If you have a deep-rooted fascination with the healing potential of these natural wonders, then this comprehensive diploma course is tailor-made for you.

Our Diploma Course in Practitioner Crystal Therapy is a transformative journey that will immerse you in the enchanting world of crystals and their profound impact on mind, body, and spirit. Guided by an experienced crystal healing practitioner, teacher and author, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to harness the therapeutic energies of crystals effectively.

Throughout the program, you will explore the rich history and cultural significance of crystals, delving into their diverse uses in ancient civilisations and modern healing practices. Gain an in-depth understanding of how crystals interact with the human energy system and how they can be utilised to promote holistic well-being and harmony.

From selecting the right crystals for specific purposes to cleansing, charging, and programming them, our personal attention ensures you develop the confidence to work with crystals in a professional setting. You will also discover how to create crystal grids, perform crystal layouts, and conduct individualised crystal healing sessions for clients.

Whether you are aspiring to be a healer, wellness enthusiast, or holistic practitioner, our Diploma Course in Practitioner Crystal Therapy offers an exceptional opportunity to embark on a fulfilling career or enhance your existing practice. Embrace the magical world of crystals and unlock your potential as a skilled crystal therapy practitioner. Enrol today and let the healing powers of crystals illuminate your path to well-being and success.

About our Crystal Therapy Practitioners Course

This course is an advanced Practitioners Course, suitable for beginners also, as the course explores all the foundation work as well as advanced.

Our Course is created from the Ethos of understanding as much as possible the overall Holistic well-being of Humankind. The course is inspired by the works of Michael Gienger who, in David’s opinion, was the greatest Crystal teacher of all time. Gienger, saw Crystal's evolution as a mirror to our own human growth and David emulates this teaching in his own unique way.

David believes that Crystals are an intrinsic tool in healing, he feels that we need a general overview of how the Mind Works and Human Behaviour, therefore this course encompasses; Reading Body Language and the understanding of Counselling. (Talk Therapy - The Art of Listening with the Heart in a non-judgement way).

This is a great learning journey into the world of Crystals and how Crystals, through their own growth process, can mirror our human existence and offer healing in ways we never thought possible.

The course will give you insights into how Crystals and their energy can Heal the human anatomy both physically, emotionally and ethereally. This course will allow you to engage with the energy of the Crystal and therefore bring that energy forth to help with the healing process of self and others.

This course explores why our energy system can become blocked and the impact those blocks have on our physical and mental health. We look at methods to clear those blocks and to be able to restore balance to the Aura and Chakra system. We explore in detail the intrinsic power of the Aura and Chakra systems and how they interact with the physical and emotional self.

It is also very important to note that while learning this course, it is designed for you to also self-heal, the course material and interaction with David may bring up issues for healing, and Davids's review of your work may trigger other issues. Therefore it is imperative to understand all therapists must confront their own demons before being able to help their clients confront them. 

Crystal Therapy Practitioners Course

Accredited? Yes 

Suitable for beginners? Yes

Any Prerequisites? Yes - Be Open to Possibilities - Be open and prepared to look at your own shadow side and heal yourself - Be prepared to let go of your old beliefs

How many modules are there? 12

Are there Exams?  Yes, there is an Exam at the end of each Module, on completion of the exam and scoring 60% or greater, you will be provided with the next module.

How long is the course? Minimum 12 Months

Can I complete the course sooner? No

What is included in the Crystal Therapy Course?     

Self-Learning Web-Based Course:           Manual in PDF format x 12, Open Question Exam Paper x 12,

                                                                         E-Diploma Certificate.

Email Support:                                             You can Email David at any time for additional help.

                                                                         This support is unlimited.

Kit Included:                                                  Set of 21 Programmed Tumble Stone Crystals,  Crystal Pendulum, Crystal Directory – 100 Healing Crystals by David Ellis. (If. You choose the monthly payment. 0ption, the kit will be sent to you at the end of the course. Otherwise. Its sent at the beginning of the course.

Skype or Zoom Additional Support:         Should you require additional help, you can book an Hourly      Zoom or Skype session with David at a small additional fee.

Payment Options for the Crystal Therapy Course

Single Payment

EFT, Credit Card, Paypal -  Self-Learning Web-Based Course - €479

Optional  Additional charge for Skype or Zoom Support - €25 per hour                                              

Monthly Payment ZERO Interest

EFT, Credit Card, PayPal - Self-Learning Course - €48 per month for 10 months

Optional  Additional charge for Skype or Zoom Support - €25 per hour

What will I learn in this Crystal Therapy Course?

Learning Outcomes                                    

Understanding Crystals from their birth and growth process as a catalyst for applying this phenomenon to healing with Crystalline Energy.

The origin of Minerals

The formation of Igneous Rocks & Minerals

How Rocks and Minerals are formed and the intrinsic connection in that. Formation to our own human development.

The Phenomenon of Light and its importance to the Healing process.

The relevance of the Colour Of Minerals.

Using Pendulums.

The Electromagnetic Field, also known as the Matrix and its importance to our Healing.

The Anatomy of the Aura and Chakra.

The importance of Prayers & Invocations.                   

Learning to Meditate and the relevance of meditation and the importance of Connecting with our Guides for Healing.

How to Read Body Language and the relevance of knowing this art form.

The Seven Crystal Systems and Crystal Shapes and how these shapes are Associated with Human Traits

How to be an  Authentic Healer.

How to Cleanse and Program an Amethyst Pendulum.

Traits and Colours associated with the Chakra.

What is the Mohs Scale and what relevance it has in the overall healing process with Crystals?

We explore in detail the Five Metaphysical Healing Elements and the Four Human Temperament Archetypes.

Cleansing & Programming all types of Crystals.

The Crystal Personality Archetypes.

Managing Sobriety with crystals.

How the body tells us of its Distress, Disease and the Metaphysical Causes.

Healing Properties of 22 Minerals

                                            Lapis Lazuli




                                            Rose Quartz










                                            Clear Quartz


                                            Tigers Eye


                                            Red Jasper




Learning about Toxic Crystals and their importance in Healing.

How to Cut Ties that Bind and Inhibit us.

How to make Crystal Elixirs and Room Sprays.

How to Creating a Scared Space.

An Initial Client Consultation.

Setting up your Healing Room.

Client Forms.

Basic Bookkeeping & Taxes

Methods of Payments.

Professional Practice as a Therapist

Ethics, Legal Obligations and Insurance

Setting up Grids of Protection and Healing for both your home, work and other places on the planet.

Understanding Meditation and the importance of the Subconscious Mind in the connection to Source where all Healing comes from.

Who is this Crystal Therapy Course suited to?

This course is best suited to those with an unexplained love for Crystals and a yearning within themselves to help and serve others.

Whether you are already on your Crystal Journey, or just beginning, this course is for you as it starts at a beginner level and then increases in skill and complexity, to an expansive professional practitioner level.

It is for those who want to start a healing practice or add crystal healing to their current healing qualifications such as Reiki or Massage.

If your desire is to become a professional Heartfelt Therapist. This is for you.

Crystal Therapy Course Syllabus                           

Module 1 

The origin of Minerals

The formation of Igneous Rocks & Minerals - Igneous - Vulcanite’s - Plutonites

The Principles of Igneous Rock formation

The formation of Sedimentary Rocks & Minerals – Sedimentation - Oxidation Zone

The principle of Sedimentary formation

The Formation of Metamorphic Rocks & Minerals

The principle of metamorphic formation

The Cycle of Rock formation

Formation Diagrams


Module 2

The Awakening Crystals and Gemstones

Clear Quartz Crystal


         Inclusions found in Quartz



The Discovery of Crystals

The Phenomenon of Light

         Radiation from Stones

         Light in the Organism

Healing with Crystals: A form of Information Therapy

The Colour Of Minerals

         Black Minerals

         Red Minerals

         Orange Minerals

         Yellow Minerals

         Green Minerals

         Blue Minerals

         Violet Minerals

         Clear, White & Silver Minerals

         Coloured Minerals

Introduction to Pendulums

Dowsing with Crystal Pendulum

Understanding the Pendulum Swing


Module 3

The Electromagnetic Field OR The Matrix

The Subtle Bodies    - Physical Body                   P

                                     - Etheric Body                     E

                                     - Emotional Body               E

                                     - Astral Body                        A

                                     - Mental Body                      M

                                     - Celestial Body                    C

                                     - Causal Body                       C

Chakra System          - Crown

                                     - Third Eye

                                     - Throat

                                     - Heart

                                     - Solar Plexus

                                     - Sacral

                                     - Root

Prayers & Invocations                         


Module 4

Meditation         – Connecting with our Guides.

Reading Body Language.

Everything returns back to the Earth.

Reading the Chakra System.

                   Taking a Physical Chakra Reading.

                   Using a Spinal Chart.

                   Using a Chakra Chart.

The Seven Crystal Systems.

Crystal Shapes - Associated Human Traits - Their intrinsic value in the healing process.


Module 5

Meditation – The Crystal Cave

Reading The Eyes.

The Authentic Healer.

Cleansing and Programming an Amethyst Pendulum.

Chakras and The Crystal System.

Traits and Colours associated with the Chakra.

Hands on Crystal Healing for a Client.

Crystal Grids of Protection for Home using Physical Placement.


Module 6

Meditation         – Connecting with a Crystal

Mohs Scale

The Five Metaphysical Healing Elements

The Four Human Temperament Archetypes

The Devic Kingdoms

Cleansing & Programming Crystals

The Crystal Personality Archetypes


Module 7

 Meditation         – Healing Addiction

Crystal Healing within a Sphere.

Grid of Protection for Sobriety.

Healing Properties of Amethyst.


Module 8

Meditation – We join our Childhood Self in the Sphere

Disease and the Metaphysical Causes

What the body is telling us

Crystal Healing Session:   Healing Childhood trauma

Healing Properties of 5 Minerals

  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Carnelian
  • Calcite
  • Emerald
  • Rose Quartz


Module 9

Meditation – Healing by the River

Toxic Crystals.

Healing Crystal Session - Healing with the River

Healing Properties of 7 Minerals

                                               - Hematite

                                               - Labradorite

                                               - Malachite

                                               - Moonstone

                                               - Kyanite

                                               - Sapphire

                                               - Sodalite 


Module 10

Cutting Ties that bind

Meditation                            - Cutting ties in the Crystal Sphere

Crystal healing Session     - A Healing Session for Cutting ties in the Crystal Sphere

Crystal Elixirs, Gem-Water and Room Sprays

Healing Properties of 9 Minerals



                                     Clear Quartz


                                     Tigers Eye


                                     Red Jasper




Module 11

Meditation – Connecting with Source – Preparing for your Client.

Creating a Scared Space

Preparing for a Client

The Initial Consultation

The process of Therapy

After a Client Session

Client intake form


Module 12

The Ritual of the Salamanders and the Flame as a Guide

Crystal healing session Review

A clearing technique

Client Forms

Basic Bookkeeping


Methods of Payment

Professional Practice as a Therapist

Ethics, Legal Obligations and Insurance

Learning NOT to Plan ahead


As this course is organic as we learn and grow, the course content may also change.