Diploma Course in Practioner Colour Therapy. This is an advanced course, it is suitable for beginners, as all the basic material is covered all the way up to Practioner Level. Our Colour Therapy or Colour Healing course has Eight Modules to be completed over an Eight-Month period, the time can be extended.  


About our Colour Therapy Practitioners Course

This course is an advanced Practitioners Course, suitable for beginners also, as the course explores all the foundation work as well as advanced.

David believes that Colour is an intrinsic tool in healing, he feels that we need a general overview of how the Mind Works and Human Behaviour, therefore this course encompasses; Reading Body Language and the understanding of Counselling. (Talk Therapy – The Art of Listening with the Heart in a non-judgement way).

This is a great learning journey into the world of Colour and how Colour shapes our world and defines us in ways we would never have expected. A simple Colour choice can reveal our true hidden and unhidden personality.

The course will give you insights into how Colour can Heal the human anatomy both physically, emotionally and ethereally. This course will allow you to engage with the use of Colour and all its healing benefits and therefore bring that energy forth to help with the healing process of self and others

This course explores why our energy system can become blocked and the impact those blocks have on our physical and mental health. We look at methods to clear those blocks and to be able to restore balance to the Aura and Chakra system. We explore in detail the intrinsic power of the Aura and Chakra systems and how they interact with the physical and emotional self.

Colour Therapy Practitioners Course at a Glance

Accredited?  Yes 

Suitable for beginners?  Yes

Any Prerequisites?  Yes! Be Open to Possibilities – Be open and prepared to look at your own shadow side and heal yourself – Be prepared to let go of your old beliefs – Be open to change

How many modules are there?  8

How long is the course?  Minimum 8 Months

Can I complete the course sooner?  No

Are there Exams?   Yes, there is an Exam at the end of each Module, on completion of the exam and scoring 60% or greater, you will be provided with the next module.

What is included in the Colour Therapy Course?     

Self-Learning Web-Based Course:    Manuals in PDF format x 8, Open Question Exam Paper x 8, E-Diploma Certificate.

Email Support:   You can Email David at any time for additional help. This support is unlimited.

Kit Included:  Set of 7 Programmed Tumble Stone Crystals, Set of 7  Coloured fabrics, a copy of Mind – Heart Connection by David Ellis. (If. If you choose the monthly payment option, the kit will be sent to you at the end of the course. Otherwise. Its sent at the beginning of the course.

Optional Skype or Zoom Additional Support:  Should you require additional help, you can book an Hourly Zoom or Skype session with David at a small additional fee.

Payment Options for the Colour Therapy Course

Single Payment

EFT, Credit Card, PayPal – Self-Learning Web-Based Course – €249

Optional Additional charge for Skype or Zoom Support – €25 per hour

Monthly Payment ZERO Interest

EFT, Credit Card, PayPal – Self-Learning Course – €50 per month for 5 months

Optional Additional charge for Skype or Zoom Support – €25 per hour

What will I learn in this Colour Therapy Course?

Learning Outcomes                                    

Understanding Colours and their intrinsic value in the healing process.

What Colours to wear, what they say about you and your mood, how they can make you feel.

Understanding the impact Colour will have on a room that you wish to decorate, or how the Colour of a room will impact the purpose of the room. For example, a dining room or a classroom.

The Chakra and Aura System is the energy system that propels human beings at an etheric level. The understanding of physical traumas that embed into the Etheric Energy memory and create blockages to prevent conventional healing.

Colour fabrics placement, Colour lighting and understanding of what Colours to use and when.

Pendulum techniques, how to use a pendulum.

Understanding Meditation and the importance of the Subconscious Mind in the connection to Source where all Healing comes from.

Who is this course suited to?

Is the course suitable for you? 

This course is best suited to those who connect with Colour at a feeling level and not a mind level.

This course is for those who have a yearning within themselves to help and serve others.

Whether you are already on your Colour Journey, or just beginning, this course is for you as it starts at a beginner level and then increases in skill and complexity, to an expansive professional level.

It is for those who want to start a healing practice or add colour healing to their current healing qualifications such as Reiki or Massage.

If your desire is to become a professional Heartfelt Therapist. This is for you.

Syllabus for Colour Therapy Course 

Module 1

  • Colour Theory
  • What is Colour
  • Additive Colours
  • Subtractive Colours
  • Colour Wheels
  • Light Mixing
  • Colour Categories
  • Hue Saturation and Value
  • History of Colour
  • The Principles of Colour Therapy
  • Effects of Colour on the Human Organism
  • Our Physical and subtle bodies
  • EXAM

Module 2

  • How Colour affects our Wellbeing
  • The Subtle Bodies of the Aura
  • Chakra System
  • Prayers & Invocations
  • EXAM

Module 3

  • Colour and Interior Design
  • Therapeutic use of Colour
  • Colour Properties
  • List of Colour Traits
  • EXAM

Module 4

  • Introduction into Dowsing
  • Dowsing with a pendulum
  • Cleansing & Program of a Crystal Pendulum
  • Colour Therapy Ritual
  • The Hygeia Spinal Chart
  • Creating a Spinal Chart
  • Diagnosis Chart
  • EXAM

Module 5

  • Colour Counselling
  • Colour Healing Rays
  • Using Coloured Silks in Therapy
  • Protection and Cleansing
  • The Power of Prayer
  • Being Grounded and Connected
  • Saint Germain
  • Cutting Ties
  • EXAM

Module 6

  • Disease and Metaphysical Causes
  • How our body speaks to us
  • EXAM

Module 7

  • The Hands of Colour Healing
  • Absent Healing
  • Using Geometric Form in Healing
  • Solarised Water
  • The Elements and the Kingdoms of Nature

Module 8

  • Guardian Angels
  • Archangels
  • Death and Dying
  • Working with the Dying
  • Colour Cards
  • Colour Light Boxes & Pen Lights
  • Setting up your practice
  • Stay Focused & Stay Positive
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Spiritual Shows
  • Internet & Snail Mail & Paper Media & Radio Media
  • Client Records
  • Accounting
  • Insurance