Welcome to The Atlantis Institute.

The legend of Atlantis, as described by Plato in his dialogues "Timaeus" and "Critias," has captured imaginations for centuries. According to Plato, Atlantis was a powerful and advanced island nation in the Atlantic Ocean. Its founders were said to be half god and half human, creating a utopian civilization.

The lush islands contained precious Crystal Domed buildings of healing and exotic wildlife, with a great capital city at the centre.

Edgar Cayce, a renowned clairvoyant, explored the mysteries of Atlantis through his "life readings." According to Cayce, many of his subjects were reincarnations of Atlanteans, allowing him to access their collective memories. He referred to the "Akashic Records," a concept borrowed from Theosophy, supposedly containing detailed information about Atlantis.

Cayce described Atlantis as a beacon of light, where inhabitants lived in harmony with both the physical and spiritual realms. Ego played no role, and their hearts guided them. He prophesied that Atlantis would "rise" again in the 1960s. While this prediction didn't manifest literally, it symbolises a spiritual awakening or renewed interest in ancient wisdom.

According to Cayce, a "Hall of Records" exists beneath the Egyptian Sphinx, containing historical texts from Atlantis. However, this remains speculative and unverified. He believed that Atlantis was highly advanced, with technologies like giant laser-like crystals used for power plants. Greed and lust eventually led to its downfall.

The Atlantis Institute, influenced by Edgar Cayce's insights, came into existence in 2008 in Wexford, Ireland. This purpose-built Holistic Therapy Centre and School nestled on the high slopes of Gorey spanned five acres of serene parkland.

The institute provided one-on-one therapy sessions, workshops, classes, and weekend retreats. Various therapy rooms catered to different modalities. Visitors could explore a crystal shop, filled with vibrant gemstones and healing crystals or take a walk in the gardens and experience the connection with nature.

Atlantis Institute was the home to courses in Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy, Stress Management and the Anatomy of the Aura and Chakra System.

The author and course director is David Ellis and his motto is simple yet profound: "If I have no honour or integrity – then I have nothing."

David is the author of Mind – Heart Connection, A Course in Colour Therapy, An Introduction to the Aura and Chakra Anatomy System, Healing the Aura and Chakras, A Course in Crystal Therapy, Colour Personality Archetypes and A Directory of 88 Healing Crystals.