This is a list of books I have read in my pursuit of understanding Universal Energy and Human psychology. Most I have found to be very informative, while others I found to be exceptional.

I wanted to share the list as I believe these readings will greatly benefit my students. I have highlighted in red the books I found to be of exceptional information and learning.

Mind-Heart Connection by David Ellis - Download for FREE

The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

Heartfulness by Robert Sardello

From Mindfulness to Heartfulness by Stephen Murphy

The Science of Mindfulness by Raza Iman

The Heros Journey by Joseph Campbell

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza

Reality Unveiled by Zaid Masri

Real Magic by Dean Radin

Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine

The Physics of God by Joseph Selbie

How the Body Knows Its Mind by Sian Beilock

Mind Power by John Waters

Third Eye by Alex McKenna

Empath by Russell Davis

What the Bleep Do We Know by William Arntz

The mind and the brain by Jeffery Schwartz

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Loving what is by Byron Katie

Your Inner Awakening by Byron Katie

I wish my body were by Bryon Katie

The Truth Behind Addiction by Byron Katie

The Isiah Effect by Gregg Braden

The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo

The Dead Sea Scrolls by Gary Rensburg

Secrets of Sleep Science by Craig Heller

Stress and Your Body by Robert Sapolsky

The Art of Conflict Management by Michael Dues

Why Evil Exists by Charles Mathews

Your Best Brain by John Median

Understanding Non-Verbal Communication by Mark Frank

The Ageing Brain by Thad Polik

The 4 Stages of Consciousness by Michael Mathisen

The root of Human Behaviour by Barbara King

The Body Language of Liars by Lillian Glass

Sex Addiction by George Klien

Choice Point by Gregg Braden

Awakening the Power of the Modern God by Gregg Braden

Breaking the Cycle by George Collins

Mind Control Mastery by Jeffery Powell

Positive Psychology by Sheila Skye

The Moral Animal by Robert Wright

The Healing Power of Meditation by Andy Frazer

Understanding the Mysteries of Human Behaviour by Mark Leary

Psychology of Human Behaviour by David Martin

The Great Ideas of Psychology by Daniel Robinson

Sex Addiction by TD Johnston

Epigenetics by Richard Francis

Consciousness and the Social Brain by Michael Graziano

Life Unfolding by Jamie Davies

Mind is the Builder by Charles Cayce

Mindful Work by David Gellies

Mindset by Carol Dweck

I AM by Alexander Brume

Journey Out of the Body by Robert Monroe

The Power of Intention by Dr Wayne Dyer

Out of Our Heads by Alva Noe

One Mind by Larry Dossey

Change Your Thoughts by Dr Wyane Dyer

Against Depression by Peter Krammer

Gay Spirituality by Toby Johnston

Total Recovery by Gary Caplan

The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud

The Science of the Paranormal by Claude Swanson

Beyond the Thinking Mind by Eckhart Tolle

Secrets of Body Language by Irene Nova

The Power of I AM by RJ Banks

The Truth about Lies by Andy Shea

The Power of Body Language by Tonya Reiman

New Emotional Intelligence by Craig Beck

Body and Mind are One by Thich Nhat

The Depths by Jonathan Rottenberg

The Enlightened Brain by Nick Hanson

Healing the Body by W Burgh Joy

The Science of Natural Healing by Mimi Guarneri

Self Esteem by Caroline Myss

Crystal Healing Science by Walter Parks

The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog by Bruce D. Perry & Maia Szalavitz