Choose a colour below to see the qualities and traits associated with that colour.


Chakra: Root Chakra

Quality: Strength, Structure, stability, security, pleasure, patience, tribal, energy, vitality, life, sexuality, warning, power, alertness, contraction.

Therapeutic Use: Low blood pressure, lack of energy, impotence, inactivity, drowsiness.

Red is about energy and vitality, but it can also indicate anger, and of course, it’s associated with sexuality. It also is associated with our Fight or Flight strategy in life. Also tribal, connection, family, togetherness and a need to belong. Red is the colour associated with materialism, stability, security and the need and desire to have stable roots, a home, a good job, money, etc.

Red can be a great Life Kick Start. It has the characteristic effect of stimulating neurons, the adrenal (endocrine) glands and the sensory nerves; it enhances the circulation and reactivity of the blood. This primary colour induces subtle but intense effects in governing the brain’s functions and the nervous system, and many biochemical and physiological processes.

Because of its stimulating effects, mild doses of this colour are advised, along with appropriate quantities of blue and green colours for therapeutic use in general.


Chakra: Sacral Chakra

Qualities: Creative, feelings, birthing & gestation, relationships, intimacy, change,

Therapeutic Use: Antidepressant, also for low blood pressure when Red is too powerful.

Orange is stimulating, creative, so it’s suitable when we just can’t seem to get started with something or are stuck in our creative path. Orange is a combination of red and yellow and can also have mild effects relating to the Root Chakra and the Solar Plexus. This colour offers positive effects on the body, such as resistance to infections. It increases the pulse rate but maintains normal blood pressure. On a psychological level, the colour Orange is found to boost enthusiasm.


Chakra: Solar Plexus

Qualities: Self-esteem, self-determination, purpose, will power, intellect, thinking, judgments, and criticism.

Therapeutic use: Rheumatism, arthritis, controlling calcium, regaining objectivity, mental activity, promote self-confidence, activates motor nervous system, digestive.

Yellow is suitable for mental activities, such as analysis and reasoning. It can promote self-confidence and is helpful in situations when you need to be more optimistic. Research on chromotherapy in medical laboratories indicates that yellow-coloured light radiations help the motor mechanisms of the body. This colour is also helpful in fortifying the muscles and upkeep the digestive functions. However, its prolonged use gives rise to acidity, colitis, or haemorrhoid.

Excess absorption of yellow radiations may augment the pulse of the Heart and diseases like delirium. The use of this colour shows a general increase in intelligence and enthusiasm.


Chakra: Heart Chakra

Qualities: Harmony, balance, love, compassion.

Therapeutic Use: Cleansing, purifying, cancer, enhancing

thoughts and emotions.

Green opens the doorway for us to consider, considering the fact that most of our natural world is green. It’s about connections – with nature or with our fellow humans. It’s also good for general stress, but green is the colour of true harmony. An expansion of the arteries is recorded when green coloured light rays penetrate the body. But excessive absorption of this colour has harmful effects on muscular tissues and the pituitary gland in general. From a psychosomatic point of view, the green colour has a favourable impact in inducing positive thinking. It is therefore prescribed in stress management by chromo therapists.


Chakra: Throat Chakra

Quality: Relaxation, sleep, peace, expansion, healing, communication.

Therapeutic Use: High blood pressure, stress, asthma, expression of self.

Blue is soothing and relaxing. The energy of Blue enhances healing and communication and brings clarity to what is said or heard. Blue increases metabolic reaction rates and is often used in wound healing. This colour offers soothing effects on the mind and supports the awakening of the subtle intellect when used during meditation practices.

Indigo Blue can be used for the purification of the RBCs(Red Blood Corpuscles). This colour relaxes and slows down the Neuro-muscular, cardiovascular and


Chakra: Third Eye Chakra

Quality: Dignity, divinity, honour, value, hope, concentration, Imagination, intuition

Therapeutic Use: Hopelessness, lack of self-respect, loss of self-appreciation, building personality

Violet colour can be used with specific high-frequency radiations to inhibit tumour growth. It can be used for uncontrolled appetite. Also, for stimulating Imagination, intuition, and insight. Violet is associated with becoming spiritually aware, reawakened and enlightened. Violet is helping in preventing skin diseases and is used in the treatment of sinusitis.


Chakra: Crown Chakra

Meaning: Untouched, innocence, isolation, wisdom, enlightenment, cosmic consciousness.

Therapeutic Use: Total neutrality, absolute clarity, truth

White is clarity and peace. But it’s also associated with purity, which makes it suitable for “cleansing” – which could mean purification, or maybe just clarification.


Meaning: Fear, negativity, ego, science, lost, hiding, darkness.

Therapeutic Use: Not used in colour therapy

Black is about mystery, intrigue, sharpness, authority and control. It’s a vivid colour; it can be related to being introvert and a symbol of wanting to hide away, not to be seen. It also refers to the darkness or lack of light or blockage of light. It relates to the inability to be transparent or have clarity. Sometimes, it can be a symbol of wanting to be protected.

The unfathomable depth, holding all earthbound colours.


Meaning: Indecision, uncertainty, unsure, procrastination, ambiguity. Sit on the Fence.

Therapeutic Use: Not used in colour therapy

Gray A colour that denies being a colour and therefore is just unsure, on the fence, can make up my mind, it’s also about ambiguity and indecision; after all, it isn’t black, and it isn’t white, either.


Quality: Sacrifice, earthbound, grounded, materialistic

Therapeutic Use: Not used in colour therapy

The colour of the earth, death

Brown is the colour of earth, the colour of death. It’s also a grounding colour and can bring stability to an otherwise insecure situation.