The Atlantis Institute, set up in 2008, is accredited by world leaders in the course accreditation field. The institute continues to learn and grow, striving for higher standards to find greater recognition from other accreditation boards throughout the world.

This growth and learning are always for our graduates' benefit and their journey into the Holistic Field of Helping others.

The following Associations and Accreditation Boards accredit our Courses.


International Association of Therapists

International Association of Therapists

A professional worldwide organisation offering accreditation to professional training providers.

Formed in recognition that therapists and training providers need a professional body to accredit their work and practice. Atlantis Institute is proud to be a training provider member of the IAOTH.

Membership is open to students of The Atlantis Institute at a discounted rate, and IAOTH membership will give you access to professional practice insurance in any country.


International Wheel of Colour

International Wheel of Colour

The International Wheel of Colour (IWOC) is an independent non-profit association incorporating The Colour Therapy Council (CTC). They aim to provide an international register of people working with colour as a healing medium.

IWOC practices voluntary regulation to establish, uphold, and advance the standards and competence and conduct of those who practice Colour and Light Therapy and provide real guidance and support to Colour practitioners.

IWOC members are required to sign a pledge to uphold the highest ethical and professional standards. Membership also helps practitioners convey confidence and trust to anyone who is seeking their help.

Furthermore, graduates of The Atlantis Institute Students in Colour Therapy will join IWOC as Practitioner Members.

Diploma Certificate accredited by IWOC.


The American Council of Holistic Healers

The ACHH was established to provide professional accreditation and certification for the healthcare industry.

The Council is open to national and international members who wish to incorporate high ethical standards into their Schools and Colleges. Also, to promote healing awareness globally.

The American Council of Holistic Healers is a forerunner in the holistic certification community; we receive many referrals. We list contact information for every member, making it easy for someone to find you, and we forward inquiries sent to us to the schools or practitioners in their area.

The Goal of the ACHH is to bring legitimacy to the holistic healing profession.


The World Metaphysical Association

Metaphysics: accredited by the world: A combination of two root words, "meta", which means beyond or more significant and "physics", is the science of the physical nature of things.

In the definition found in most dictionaries, Metaphysics is referred to as a branch of Philosophy that deals with the Nature of Existence by evaluating humanity's place in the Universe.

The World Metaphysical Association offers schools and colleges recognition for the courses they provide. They follow a guideline of ethics for all teachers and practitioners — workshop facilitators and others who would like to share their knowledge with the community.

Accreditation sets a higher standard for performance, education, and personal improvement for the entire industry.

Diploma Certificate accredited by WMA






International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

Diploma Certificate Courses accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine are established to provide professional accreditation and certification to those working and teaching in the world of holistic healing and alternative medicine.

The Association is open to national and international members wishing to incorporate the highest ethical standards into their Practices, Schools and Colleges and promote genuine and authentic healing awareness globally.

The IPHM goal brings transparency together with an awareness of the work of the holistic healing profession.

Diploma graduates of The Atlantis Institute can join IPHM as Practitioner Members.

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