Most of us live interesting complex lives without even realising what we are doing. We mask our own self expression 

Everyday Self Expression 

If we take the examples of clothing to look at how we have been moulded to suppress our Truth. Our naked self is our truth, our intimate self that we usually only share with those we feel most comfortable with, that we feel intimacy, (intimacy = into me see) and in that exposure of nakedness and intimacy we accept our own vulnerability.

When we dawn our house PJs or casual house robes we are comfortable with ourselves and comfortable to expose ourselves, but only with close family and close friends. But when we venture out into the world, we dawn a range of clothes from glamour to fashion to work wear to suits. When we dawn these garments, we feel different. We feel stronger, more powerful, more confident, in effect: we dawn our "Bat Man" Suit. We become the accepted projection. Most of the time we live our lives through a veneer or mask as it's hard to let others see who we truly are. We have done this all our lives and therefore it's very natural for us.

self expression

Our Suit Of Armour 

For most of us, we have been in a uniform of one type or another all our lives. The uniform garment removes our individualism. We learn to comply, to conform, not to express ourselves, to fit in and be like everyone else. But if we reflect on how we have been moulded, and consider the impact that has had on us as individuals, we can now consider who we truly are and by small changes in our behaviour, we can learn to express our Truth without the fear of exposure.

Because when we live our truth, we are tapped into the source of who we really are and, as a result, we are plugged into unlimited life force energy.

When we hide our Real Truth and suppress expression, we disconnect from this immense source of energy and power, and if we do this for a prolonged period of time, eventually we become depressed, and it seems as if the whole world is against us. This means that in order to fit in, be accepted or to keep the peace, we often sacrifice the very life force that gives us the vision to create extraordinary lives and the energy and enthusiasm to follow through.

Your Identity Be You Be Proud Of 

Be your truth, not who others want you to be. Be that expression of self and feel live flow differently for you. Live from your Heart where the Truth resides and you will experience a freedom that you never thought possible. Depression resides in the darkness of shame and guilt which are not the truth. They are projections of non-expression of self.


If you cannot feel you can make the changes yourself. Get help. Talking is the gateway to your freedom.

Start that freedom journey today - Live your truth.

David Ellis

The Positive Mind