Aura and Chakra Anatomy Practioner Diploma Course

This course Aura and Chakra Anatomy Energy has Four modules to be completed over a Four-month period, the time can be extended.



About our Chakra and Aura Anatomy Practioner Course

Chakra and Aura Anatomy – The energy fields that surround and permeate the physical body are of prime importance to our wellness and well-being This is where dark or negative energy becomes trapped or stored and causes blocks to the flow of Source energy, an energy we cannot live without. This course will allow you to see the importance of the electromagnetic field, and how to bring balance to that field in healing oneself and others.

This course explores why our energy system can become blocked and methods to clear those blocks as well as a full understanding of the function of the Aura and Chakra systems and how they interact with the physical and emotional self.

Our courses are online learning and can be conducted either by self-learning or tutor assisted or tutor trained.

Self-Learning Course: You will be provided with your own study room online where your course material, tutor notes, videos and exam questionnaires will be available.

+Email Support: Full unlimited Email support throughout the course.

+Skype or Zoom Support: Support by Zoom or Skype is available throughout the course.

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Chakra and Aura Anatomy Practitioners Course

Accredited?                                                   Yes    

Suitable for beginners?                               Yes

Any Prerequisites?                                      Yes

                                                                        Open to Possibilities

                                                                        Be prepared to look at your own shadow side and heal yourself

                                                                        Prepared to let go of your old beliefs

                                                                        Acceptance of change

How many modules are there?                 4

How long is the course?                             Minimum 4 Months

Can I complete the course sooner?          No

What is included in this Course?

Self-Learning Course:  E-Manuals x 4, E-Exam Paper x 5, E-Diploma Certificate.

Self-Learning with Email Support:  E-Manuals x 4, E-Exam Paper x 5, Posted – Diploma Certificate. Full unlimited Email support.

Kit: Include in the kit is a set of 7 tumbled stones, programmed for your use. A Rose Quartz Tea Lite Holder again programmed for you, to light your way, A programmed pendulum and a copy of Mind-Heart Connection by David Ellis.

Skill Level on Completion                           Practitioner in Aura and Chakra Energy

Title on Completion                                     Certified Chakra & Aura Anatomy Therapist

Use of AIDipCAA or AIDip Certified Chakra & Aura Anatomy Therapist

Payment Plan                          

EFT, Credit Card, PayPal                          

Self-Learning Course …  €89

Email Support … €39

Kit … €59

Skype or Zoom Support ….. €30 per hour

What will I learn?

Learning Outcomes:  

  • The Chakra and Aura System, the energy system that propels human beings at an etheric level. The understanding of physical traumas that embed into the Etheric Energy memory and create blockages to prevent conventional healing.
  • Understanding what the Aura is and what are Chakras, learning their locations and their intrinsic function.
  • The importance of their Yin and Yang aspect, colour and energy expression.
  • Their communication on a physical and intuitive level and physical and emotional problems associated with the Chakras.
  • How to identify energy blocks within the system using a Pendulum.
  • How to bring balance to the Chakra and Aura system and therefore bring comfort to the client.
  • An introduction to using Crystals for energy balancing.
  • An introduction to using Colour to balance the energy of the Chakra and Aura systems.
  • Understanding Meditation and the importance of the Subconscious Mind in the connection to Source where all Healing comes from.

Who is this course suited to?

Who is this course best suited to?

  • This course is best suited to those with an interest in Energy Anatomy and a yearning to help and serve others.
  • Ideal for beginners and those that wish to expand on their Energy Anatomy knowledge.
  • The different Learning modalities are designed to suit the needs of the induvial student, which is outlined below.
  • It is for those who want to start a healing practice or add energy healing to their current healing qualifications such as Reiki or Massage.
  • If your desire is to become a professional Heartfelt Therapist. This is for you.

Curriculum & Lessons

  • Introduction to the Chakra and Aura Energy System.
  • We explore the connection cord of Light
  • The causes blocks in the Energy Field
  • What are the subtle bodies of the Aura
  • The seven layers of the Aura
  • The Chakras, location, Colour, Yin/Yang, Energy expression, the purpose of the Chakras, communicating with the Chakras both physical and intuitive, and the physical and emotional issues associated with the Chakra system.
  • How to use a Pendulum
  • How to identify blocks within the Chakra system.
  • The seven in-body Chakras
  • A little about Crystals and their healing abilities.
  • A little about Colour and the healing energy associated with Colour.
  • How to meditate with guidance
  • Prayers to assist you on your healing journey.
  • Preparing for a Client
  • The Initial Consultation
  • After a Client Session
  • Client Forms
  • Professional Practice as a Therapist
  • Ethics, Legal Obligations and Insurance
  • Learning NOT to Plan ahead
  • Meditation

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N.B. Colour Therapy and Chromotherapy are the same things.

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