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Origin - the place or situation from which something comes, the beginning of something’s existence, the point from which it starts out, the thing from which it is ultimately derived.

Chevron Amethyst is a type of amethyst of the silicate mineral family; a purple variety of quartz. It is formed when the liquid magma from a volcanic explosion cools into igneous rocks. When the silica acid bubbles transfer from a liquid to a solid formation then the silica acid becomes Quartz crystals. The Chevron Amethyst is formed when a single bubble cools down at a diversity of speed creating differnet shades of purple.


Chevron Amethyst is formed when the veins of white quartz and amethyst fuse together in the rock. It is a type of Amethyst in which various shades of purple can be seen in distinctive markings with clear or white snow quartz therby creating its formative beauty.


As a popular and relatively common semi-precious stone the Chevron Amethyst is fully natural and mined around the world as a subsiduary to the also popular pure purple amethyst. The prominent mining areas of the chevron amethyst are based in India and Russia. The stone is only enhanced through cutting, tumbling and polishing.


All crystals belong to a different group according to the basis of the relationships of their axes. There are 7 systems and 32 classes of symmetry. Chevron Amethyst crystals belong to the Trigonal system.


History - the past considered as a whole, the whole series of past events connected with someone or sometihing, a continuous typically chronological record of importance.

Whilst there are no historical descriptions specifically of the Chevron Amethyst through the ages, the amethyst itself originates from the Greek word Ametusthos which means not intoxicated.


This meaning has carried through in Ancient Myth as Greeks and Romans used the stones on their goblets to prevent intoxication and Catholic Bishops used the stone in a ring to prevent the penetration of mystical intoxication.


A popular natural gem, the Chevron Amethyst is found worldwide and used extensively for healing and preventative benefits.



Specification - the act of describing or identifying something precisely, a detailed description of the design and materials used to make something.

A natural stone that is only enhanced through cutting, tumbling and polishing, the Chevron Amethyst is distinctive by the unique banding of purple and white stripes that vary by natural design.


The Chevron Amethyst appears in a variety of shapes, sizes and shades of each colour. It can be used in natural stone format or set in jewellery and worn consistently.



Varieties - a number or range of things of the same general class that are different or distinct in character or quality.
The Chevron Amethyst is a natural variety of the Amethyst fused with White Quartz. Other varieties of Amethyst include:


·         Green Amethyst

·         Siberian Amethyst

·         Bolivian Amethyst

·         African Amethyst

·         Brazialian Amethyst




Esoteric Attributes - a quality or feature as characteristic of or possed by something.
Crystals by their very nature are able to receive and focus energy in different ways. Their molecular structure enables them to be used to amplify and convert energy and hence crystals have been used for centuries to aid healing and transmute energy both in the metaphysical and physical world.


Because each crystal family has different formational backgrounds, each also has different vibrtional frequencies that can be harnesed and used for specific purposes. Each therefore have specific qualities that can be used to help a person heal on the many different levels of their being.


The following is a list of healing attributes associated with Chevron Amethyst crystals.


Mental: Chevron Amethysts are said to help a person with sobriety and preventative intoxication measures. It strengthens calm and assists in overcoming perpetual tiredness.
Emotional: Chevron Amethyst Crystals invest in emotional purity and helps to bring emotional calm and composure. The crystal is said to resolve emotional anxiety issues along with habitual tendancies and addictions.
Physical: Chevron Amethyst Crystals are used to aid the lung function as well as the large intestine. The crystal also helps to ease skin conditions such as sunburn and itching.


Crystal Chart – Chevron Amethyst


Crystal: Chevron Amethyst
Mineralogy: Silicate Quartz
Geometric form: Trigonal | Hexagonal
Formation: Primary (moltan magma)
Family: Quartz
Birthstone: Ayurvedic Birthstones - Amethyst is the stone associated with the month of February.


Astrology Birthstone (Zodiac) -Amethyst is associated with the astrological sign of Pisces (19th Feb to 20th March). The Chevron Amethyst is linked to all Astrological signs.

Appearance: Various crystal habits such as prismatic, stubby, drusy and geodes. Purple and white in colour and can be brittle.
Aura: The high frequency of the Amethyst will remove and purify the Aura of negative energy and place a protective light shield around the body. This allows for a clear centered aura to open to spiritual connection.
Colour: Colours are a variety of purple hues. The Chevron Amethyst is distinctive for its banded natural white markings.
Chakra: Amethyst relates to the Crown Chakras and is in tune with the Third Eye.




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