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An Introduction to the Aura and Chakra Anatomy Ebook by David Ellis

An Introduction to the Aura and Chakra System

Understanding the energy flow within our Aura and Chakra system is paramount if we want a life of optimum health and wellbeing.  

In this book, we explore the energy origination and flow within the Chakra system and briefly identify the purpose of the Aura and its levels and the Chakra system. 

If we have a blockage in any of our Chakra, this can lead to disease and illness in the physical body. The blocks can be caused by childhood or adolescent trauma, emotional trauma in adulthood, grief, sadness, pain, and other emotional issues, including stress. 

As human beings, we are all governed by our Hearts, despite what mainstream media will have us believe. We are Heart based, emotional beings; our true Light resides within our Hearts, not in our heads. So, the energy flowing from Source must be able to enter the Heart Chakra through the Crown Chakra.

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