Stopping the Bully

Are you bullied at home or work?

Are you being bullied online?

Do you bully others?

In every case, the bully is always a coward.

Stopping the Bully

Are you bullied at home or work?

Are you being bullied online?

Do you bully others?

In every case, the bully is always a coward. The bully develops a survival technique as a child, which is usually fully integrated into the subconscious by the age of seven. The bully learns at this young age not to show weakness, not to be vulnerable, but to conceal & camouflage their brokenness by focusing all attention on a victim. In childhood, they will always select children who are weaker, more broken & different; as the bully grows older, they become stronger in their manipulations, just like any technique will become stronger with practice.

Being bullied does not mean you are weaker or more broken than the bully, but the bully has identified a fracture within you that mirrors their fractured, broken self, and they will exploit this to deflect from themselves.

Why do people bully?the bully

A bully is created purely from fear.

The bully is terrified of exposure all of the time and, surprisingly enough, has no confidence or self-esteem. He is devoid of empathy or sympathy and lacks social skills. But to hide his fractured self, he creates an ego persona of aggression and dominance, which can control others through fear. It’s through his control of others that he feeds his energy.

As parents, carers, and guardians, if we do not address the child's needs, pay attention and listen, we can miss the pivitol moments of the creation of the bully.

The bully is created from fear, fear of exposure to their weakness, vulnerability, and their differences. To compensate for their fractures, they create an alter ego to shield themselves from hurt, ridicule, and pain.

In this creation, they lose all empathy and respect for others and are solely focused on a deflection. They find a victim who mirrors their weakness or vulnerability and exposes the other person to a time of abuse and bullying. 

Stopping the Bullying.

The first step is to recognise that you are being bullied and what fractures you are exhibiting to be mirrored by the bully. The bully sees in you something he is afraid to see in himself. The next step is to decide what to do about it.

For a man, that can be very hard to do, yet just because it has now been recognised and acknowledged, it doesn’t mean that you are weak, in fact, it means the opposite. You have recognised something within you that is causing them shame. The bully feeds on this emotional pain and shame.

Consider that both the bully and the bullied are coming from a place of fear, the same place of low self-worth. But the bully uses his control as a coping mechanism for low self-esteem whilst the bullied has suppressed his anger in fear of low self-esteem. The coping mechanism is engineered in a different way for survival.

The Program

This is a personalised program created for you with genuine integrity. The program’s purpose is to teach you about bullying and what a bully is, and learn the skills of connecting with your inner courage to disarm the bully from your life. On this program you will learn to physical skills as well as etheric skills to disarm the bully. It will allow you to can heal and detach from being bullied, grow Self Worth and Self Esteem and free yourself to begin living and loving again.

Suitable for beginners?   This program is open to everyone.

This is a personal program developed for you and includes:

An email interview so I can develop a personal program for you.

A Hypnotic Audio created for you to enable you to find your power to disarm the bully

A Meditation to cut ties with the bully.

A Downloadable PDF Manual written for you to learn about bullying and to become the courage hero that you are. 

Unlimited Email support from David, who is the creator of the Program. David has worked with clients for many years, and you can learn about him HERE

Program Costs

You can pay by EFT, Credit Card, or PayPal.

Self-Learning Program ... €49

How will this program help me?         

This program will teach you how to examine the motive of the bully, see their flaws and reflect these back to the bully. Evaluate your self-worth, develop healthy self-confidence, learn to eliminate the fear of being bullied and heal the past.             

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Stopping the Bully