Hello, I AM David, 

It is nice for you to get to know me, I hope I have an opportunity to get to know you on our Journey here together. 

I was born to Eileen and Edward (Teddy) Ellis from Dublin. They were simply the best parents ever. I grew up in the 60s, a somewhat difficult time when money was scarce, and people had to do extraordinary things to make their money stretch. However, we were more fortunate than others. We had Love, and that made a difference. 

My childhood was a happy one until I was about 11 when life changed. I became sad, lonely, and confused and Ghosts, Beings of Light and Demons visited me regularly. My Dad was amazing, I would run to his side in the middle of the night, he would open his arms and embrace me and hold me until I fell asleep again. The visitors came often, I did not know or understand what they were or what it was about, and it would be another 27 years before I would realise or understand any of this.  

I was a shy, introverted boy, I was bullied in school by teachers and students, but now, after studying bullies and the victims of bullies, I see bullies for what they are; cowards that learned how to get their way by bullying when they were small children. 

I left school at fifteen after failing the state junior exam. My parents begged me to return to school and re-sit that year, but I refused. Thank God they listened. I got a job and started to work. 

Despite my lack of education, I progressed in my career, quickly moving into management, independent consultancy, and finally owning and operating several businesses. 

In 1997 my Dad passed away. Events catapulted me back to David at 11 years old on his passing. Information flooded and overwhelmed me, a KNOWING gripped me like nothing ever before.  

Shortly afterwards, the Ghosts and Beings of Light returned to visit me, terrifying me. But I quickly understood what was happening and what had happened to me as a boy, and for the first time in my life, I knew my purpose. 

My journey was not about building a business empire; it was to help awaken humanity to the Universal Light of the Creator, to help humanity to open their Hearts and live from their Heart Space. 

And so my journey began in Holistic Healing and education to help balance the Light and Dark of the world. My journey has not been simple or easy; it has been filled with sadness, loneliness, and depression. I have been so depressed that I could hardly get out of bed, but now, I no longer suppress my emotions or carry the shame of my existence. 

I have been to the darkest abyss you can imagine, with suicidal tendencies and even worse, and now I help others struggling with life and its expectations.  

I have been isolated and alone since I was a young boy, and now I comfort others in their loneliness.  

I have met the darkest demons in human and etheric forms and emerged with Light as my guide. 

I have failed in business more than I remember, but I have learned from failure and help others to accept their failings.

I have been up close and personal with addiction, and now help others with addictive tendencies. 

I have been marginalised and suppressed because of my sexuality, and today I have others who feel they are marginalised and alone in their sexual orientation.  

I have lost my parents, who were my best friends and my rock of support, and today I help those grieving with love and empathy.  

I am as much Light as I am darkness. I sometimes fall into the darker shadows, but I also shine. That’s what makes me human. 

I was bullied as a young boy; today, I help both the bully and the bullied.

Yes, I have been into the abyss and emerged stronger than before. I am still learning and will always help where I can. 

I hold several academic qualifications, which I do not present as trophies, nor are these qualifications on any wall or on display.

This transformation of knowledge into wisdom occurred when I allowed the knowledge I had acquired to flow down into my Throat and Throat Chakra, where it could be verbalised internally and externally. Then allowing the remainder of that knowledge to flow down into my Heart Space and Heart Chakra, a process occurs where falsehood is deleted, and truth becomes Wisdom.

My qualifications are as follows: Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy, Stress Management, Past Life Regression, REIKI, Body Language, Business Management, Marketing, Nero Linguistic Programming, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

My motto in life is:

“If I have no honour or integrity – then I have nothing.”

I sincerely hope I can help you on your journey, and if you want me to help you, drop me an email. I am here for you. 

May the Light of the Universe Guide and Surround you always. 

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David Ellis