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Origin - the place or situation from which something comes, the beginning of something’s existence, the point from which it starts out, the thing from which it is ultimately derived.
Hessonite is a variety of Grossular which, in turn, is a calcium aluminium variety of the Garnet gemstone group. Grossular is found in contact metamorphosed limestones with wernerite, wollastonite, diopside and vesuvianite. 

Hessonite is found in placer deposits mainly in India and Sri Lanka and its source in it’s native matrix sometimes occurs. Other significant deposits can be found in California and Brazil.


All crystals belong to a different group according to the basis of the relationships of their axes. There are 7 systems and 32 classes of symmetry. Hessonite crystals belong to the Isometric system.


History - the past considered as a whole, the whole series of past events connected with someone or sometihing, a continuous typically chronological record of importance.
Hessonite is also referred to as cinnamon stone and has long been mistaken for other stones such as Zircon. These zircon termed stones, which were notable for their ability to be engraved, where shown many years ago to be Hessonite by Sir AH Church, due to the differentiation in the gravity of the stone. 

The name derives from the Greek word Hesson, which means inferior. This was due to the density of the stone being lower than many of the other Garnet varieties.


The stone is mainly mined in India and Sri Lanka and is used extensively for jewellery due to its attractive brown to orange colouring.




Specification - the act of describing or identifying something precisely, a detailed description of the design and materials used to make something.
Hessonite is an uncommon crystal  that is defined by its charcteristic brown/orange colour. The reference to its inferiority defined by its name determined by the low hardness and density of the stone. The hardness measures 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale compared to the 7.5 average of most other garnets.


The crystal has a conchoid to uneven fracure with a vitreous to greasy luster and a single or anomalous double refractive optical property.


Hessonite crystal is used widely in jewellery, similar to the Zircon gem.


Varieties - a number or range of things of the same general class that are different or distinct in character or quality.
Hessonite is a unique gem that is a variety of the Garnet mineral species. The garnet varieties include but are not limited to; 

  • Grossular
  • Hydrogrossular
  • Melanite
  • Rhodolite
  • Spessartine
  • Pyrope



Esoteric Attributes - a quality or feature as characteristic of or possed by something.
Crystals by their very nature are able to receive and focus energy in different ways. Their molecular structure enables them to be used to amplify and convert energy and hence crystals have been used for centuries to aid healing and transmute energy both in the metaphysical and physical world. 

Because each crystal family has different formational backgrounds, each also has different vibrational frequencies that can be harnesed and used for specific purposes. Each therefore have specific qualities that can be used to help a person heal on the many different levels of their being.


The following is a list of healing attributes associated with Hessonite crystals.


Mental: Hessonite aids in the appreciation of ones abilities and gives confidence in creativity and self-expression.
Emotional: Hessonite gives clarity into emotion and helps to sooth emotional agitation. It brings confidence of expression into social situations.
Physical: The crystal aids in the regulation of the hormone balance in the cases of the hypo and hyper function of glands. It also strengthens the liver and kidneys.


Crystal Chart - Hessonite


Crystal: Hessonite
Mineralogy: Grossular containing iron.
Geometric form: Isometric
Formation: Tertiary
Family: Silicates
Birthstone: Hessonite is associated with the Astrological signs of Capricorn, Aquarius and Aries. 


Appearance: Conchoid to uneven fracure with a vitreous to greasy luster and a single or anomalous double refractive optical property.
Aura: Hessonite is explorative and enhancing in the auric energy as it is used as an energy guide to journey to a destination.
Colour: Hessonite appears as a vivd brownish/orange colour..
Chakra: Hessonite is associated with the Root Chakra and can also enhance psychic abilities when placed on the Third Eye Chakra.




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