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Origin - the place or situation from which something comes, the beginning of something’s existence, the point from which it starts out, the thing from which it is ultimately derived.
Blue Tiger’s Eye also known as Falcon’s Eye or Hawks Eye is a member of the Quartz family of minerals of the silicates class.It is a crystal of primary formation which means it was formed from molten magma. This usualy happens in cavities in volcanoes where the combination of chemistry and structural arrangements of mineral deposits, atoms and substances pass from gas or liquid into a solid state or by means of going out of solution by precipitation or evaporation.


Blue Tiger’s Eye is formed when crocidolite (blue asbestos) parrallel veins are pseudomorphously replaced with silica acid.


All crystals belong to a different group according to the basis of the relationships of their axes. There are 7 systems and 32 classes of symmetry. Blue Tiger’s Eye crystals belong to the Trigonal system.


History - the past considered as a whole, the whole series of past events connected with someone or something, a continuous typically chronological record of importance.

Mined in Australia with othere deposits found in south africa, east asia and the US states of Arizona and California


Specification - the act of describing or identifying something precisely, a detailed description of the design and materials used to make something.
Blue Tiger’s Eye is known for its chatoyancy as it’s fibrous structure emits a silky lustre that appears changeable in shape/pattern as the light reflects on the fibrous bands.


The stone is on the harder side of the Mohs scale with a rating of 6.5-7 and has a fibrous fracture with opaque transaparency. The stones are ususally cut en cabochon so that their reflective chatoyancy is exhibited to its best.

Varieties - a number or range of things of the same general class that are different or distinct in character or quality.
Blue Tiger’s Eye is a variety of Tiger’s Eye and is associated with the names;


  • Hawk’s Eye
  • Falcon’s Eye
  • Pietersite



Esoteric Attributes - a quality or feature as characteristic of or possed by something.
Crystals by their very nature are able to receive and focus energy in different ways. Their molecular structure enables them to be used to amplify and convert energy and hence crystals have been used for centuries to aid healing and transmute energy both in the metaphysical and physical world.


Because each crystal family has different formational backgrounds, each also has different vibrtional frequencies that can be harnesed and used for specific purposes. Each therefore have specific qualities that can be used to help a person heal on the many different levels of their being.


The following is a list of healing attributes associated with Blue Tiger’s Eye crystals.


Mental: Blue Tiger’s Eye is a fantastic aid to ensure clarity in decision making. It allows you to assume a full, clear overview of a difficult situation.
Emotional: The crystal is a help for nervousness and inner restlessness. It allows you to let go of inner stress. It is a stone of balance that calms and relieves negativity.
Physical: Blue Tiger’s Eye is an aid to reducing hormonal hyperactivity as it is known to slow down the metabolism. It can relieve pain and help to calm shivering.


Crystal Chart – Blue Tiger’s Eye


Crystal: Blue Tiger’s Eye
Mineralogy: Bluish Black Fibrous Quartz
Geometric form: Trigonal
Formation: Primary (moltan magma)
Family: Quartz | Silicates
Birthstone: Blue Tiger’s Eye is associated with the Astrological signs of Capricorn and Leo.
Apperance:  Fibrous fracture with opaque transaparency. Strong chatoyancy and a Mohs scale rating of 6.5 -7.
Aura: Blue Tiger’s Eye helps to open the channels of clarity around the aura that brings calmness and balance to the energies.
Colour: Blue Tiger’s Eye appears as a striking blueish black colour.
Chakra: The crystal is associated primarily with the Third Eye Chakra and also the throat chakra. It brings clarity and alignment for balance and allows for clear communication.




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