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Origin - the place or situation from which something comes, the beginning of something’s existence, the point from which it starts out, the thing from which it is ultimately derived.
Danburite is a calcium boron lattice silicate which is typically found in metamorphic rocks. These are mainly limestone or associated hydrothermal granite that has low temperature properties. The crystal has been defined both as having a tectosilicate and a sorosilicate structure. 

All crystals belong to a different group according to the basis of the relationships of their axes. There are 7 systems and 32 classes of symmetry. Danburite crystals belong to the Orthorhombic system.


History - the past considered as a whole, the whole series of past events connected with someone or sometihing, a continuous typically chronological record of importance.
Danburite was discovered in 1839 by Charles Upham Shephard at Danbury, Connecticut in the US; the place from which the name Danburite is derived. 

The sources in that are at a minimum however, once discovered in Danbury many other sources were found with the main ones being North central Mexico, Japan, Myanmar and Switzerland.


It is attractive to gem experts for its exquisite crystal clusters and is also popular in the making of jewellery.


Specification - the act of describing or identifying something precisely, a detailed description of the design and materials used to make something.
Danburite has a vitreous to greasy luster and is a brittle, transparent to transluscent crystal. It is prismatic with a subconchoidal to uneven fracture and the stone has a Mohs scale rating of 7 – 7.5. 

It is used widely in cut stone jewellery due to its attractive colour and crystal cut formations.



Varieties - a number or range of things of the same general class that are different or distinct in character or quality.
Danburite is sometimes mistaken for Topaz and has been associated with: 

  • Feldspar
  • Dolomite
  • Ruby
  • Quartz
  • Cassiterite



Esoteric Attributes - a quality or feature as characteristic of or possed by something.
Crystals by their very nature are able to receive and focus energy in different ways. Their molecular structure enables them to be used to amplify and convert energy and hence crystals have been used for centuries to aid healing and transmute energy both in the metaphysical and physical world. 

Because each crystal family has different formational backgrounds, each also has different vibrtional frequencies that can be harnesed and used for specific purposes. Each therefore have specific qualities that can be used to help a person heal on the many different levels of their being.


The following is a list of healing attributes associated with Danburite crystals.


Mental: When behavioural patterns limit day to day living, Danburite is said to provide release.
Emotional: Danburite channels unconditional love and provides understanding and self-acceptance.
Physical: Danburite is a healing aid to hidden emotional ailments like anorexia. The stone also helps to heal problems of the digestive system, heart and circulation.


Crystal Chart - Danburite


Crystal: Danburite
Mineralogy: Calcium Boron Lattice Silicate
Geometric form: Orthorhombic
Formation: Tertiary
Family: Silicate
Birthstone: Danburite is associated with the Astrological sign of Leo.
Apperance: Vitreous to greasy with a sub-chonchoidal, uneven fracture. Transparent to transluscent with a Mohs Scale of 7-7.5.
Aura: Danburite is an extremely high vibration stone that exudes pure love into the heart. It is much revered for its metaphysical properties and the ease of opening channels to higher realms.
Colour: Danburite appears as a clear or colourless stone.
Chakra: Danburite is primarily associated with the Heart chakra as it brings relief to emotional pain along with peace and serenity. It also works as a higher connector with many of the other Chakras.




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