Be positive - No matter what!

As we transverse our lives in the art of living, we make mistakes; some small and some too large to comprehend.

In fact sometimes they are so huge we want to forget.

There is a price to be paid for each and every mistake we make. Sometimes it's our health as we become stressed and unwell, sometimes it's emotional as our hearts break and other times it's financial as we almost lose all we own.

Sometimes the price is very high indeed and costs us our freedom.


I have experienced all of these first hand and to the extremes of their nature and I can say with absolute confidence that no matter how bad things are, no matter how bad it looks: It's imperative to see what we have gained from the experience because we always gain some wisdom and knowledge from every effort we make, whether it was a mistake or not.

In the toughest times, I know how hard it is to stay positive. I really do.

How hard it is to feel positive thoughts and emotions, to stay upbeat to all around you, when deep inside you are falling so deep into the abyss.

Do Not Let The Past Spoil Our Future

But when we allow our mistakes to drag us down into that emotional state of sadness, depression, lethargy and isolation, the cells of our body remember then permeate and communicate that feeling to all the other cells of our body, dragging us down deeper into that abyss.

mistakeOn the other hand, when we lick our wounds and realise what we have gained from our mistakes; the experience, wisdom, knowledge, and whatever other emotional, spiritual and physical benefits we have achieved. We must then begin to smile and think positive thoughts and feel positive feelings because the cells of our body remember this too and permeate and communicate those positive thoughts through the rest of our body.

Meditation is also a wonderful tool for gaining insight into our situations.

While deep in meditation I am given answers to questions and doubts, solutions to problems and sometimes insights into events in the future.

Meditation is so important for us to switch from the conscious logic ego brain into the subconscious creative connective mind.

Stay upbeat and positive no matter what life presents. It's all a challenge.

Be a tryer! Take a chance and keep trying and try with all your heart and conviction.

If it fails or it's a mistake, the Universe will take care of it as long as you are open to the possibility.

mistakeNever give up.

Simply change what you are doing. Change direction, change focus and keep positive and keep trying.

The Universal law of positive focused creation is always at play.

In my opinion if we have not failed in relationships, friendships, careers, business or anything else we do, then we have not learned anything.

For those of you who would like to learn meditation practice, drop me a PM as I will be hosting classes shortly.

- David Ellis