Meditation and The Subconscious Mind

When I was a non-meditator I was always secretly jealous of the people who were in the mediation ‘gang’. I wondered what it would be like to relax fully into a different, deep state of mind. But did not think I was able or spiritual enough. I did not fully understand the process or benefits of meditation and so did not explore the potential. The potential  that existed to focus on the present in a calm and peaceful manner. Would I be able to reach my subconscious mind.

Who can Meditate?

When we talk about meditation it has a strange kind of connotation.  Yet meditation is for everybody not just people who are on a spiritual path.

Mediation is for corporate executives, teachers, students, schoolchildren and parents; in fact most everybody who has a desire to connect with their subconscious mind.

meditation subconscious mind

What does Meditation do for us?

When we go into that space, or into the gap as, the mind author Deepak Chopra explains it; what we are doing is we are asking our logic brain, our ego mind or our left brain to become occupied with what it is that we want to occupy it with.

For Example:  If I listen or attend a guided meditation class my ego mind begins to listen to what I am being guided to listen to and, whilst it is being guided, it starts to stop censoring what is going on because it is finding it repetitive and boring and there is nothing really happening.

Whilst the logic brain begins to just stop censoring and go nice and quiet it allows the subconscious mind, which is which is where we are trying to access, to open up like a lotus flower and begin to absorb information.

Why do we want to access our Subconscious Mind?

The subconscious mind is the vehicle that remembers every single thing that we have ever said or done and every vision that we have ever experienced; every aspect of our life is stored within our subconscious mind.

The subconscious is also the gateway to our greater mind or our spiritual self so when we connect in with self we are connecting in with our divinity or connecting in with source. We are also allowing ourselves to go into the space|gap to draw upon information or reflection so our subconscious mind, without judgement, will present to us information about our past, our present and our future.

What if we can’t Meditate?

Well can’t means won’t, it’s as simple as that. There is no such thing as can’t; it simply means I won’t do it. Everybody can meditate.



The understanding of meditation is silence and the human mind was not designed to be silent.

The intention behind the mind was never to be quiet. If you tell the mind to be quiet, what is going to happen is that it is going to say no and it is going to bring up all of the stuff it wants to bring up and there is nothing to distract it from that.

So, when I go into a silent meditation I am asking my conscious brain to go quiet. As I have asked it to be quiet, it has just woken up and is asking what am I to sensor? I have to sensor something as he has asked me to be quiet, so there must be something going on!

By going into a guided meditation, really we are tricking the mind into a sense of lull so that it doesn't actually need to sensor anything.

Is Meditation similar to Hypnosis?

The whole process of hypnosis is to distract the logic brain and bring it into a state of falseness so that the subconscious mind can actually begin to do its work.

If the subconscious mind was not governed by the conscious mind all of the time we would live in completely different lives. Lives  that would be mainly unsustainable for the earth. This is because in human form we need this ego, this logic brain to make various decisions for us and to help us in our process but, in the evolution of man, what has happened is that the ego mind has actually taken over and it drives the vehicle now. Instead of it being in balance, we need to be in balance.

Benefits of Meditation

People who spend time in meditation lead healthier lives.

Science has proven that time spent in quietness and contemplation actually helps the body become well and disease free. People who spend time in meditation lead healthier lives.

The interesting thing is that if you consider the people that lead stressful lives; if they are advised to meditate they answer with ‘I can’t, I don’t have time’ as their first reaction. This is because their brain is so heavy with stress that trying to get into the mode of peace and tranquility becomes very, very difficult and that is why meditation classes or groups are so powerful.


When to Meditate?

The great thing about meditation is that once you begin the whole process, you begin to see the benefits.

Meditation can be done anywhere at any time as long as you are free from outside distraction. There are benefits to wherever you meditate; if you meditate, maybe out in the park, you can put on the headphones, listen to a guided meditation and then also visualise the beauty of the planet, the beauty of the park whilst breathing in the fresh air and experiencing complete relaxation.

Meditation before Sleep

Doing a guided meditation before sleep is a distraction, you are distracting the conscious mind from all of the nonsense of the day and it is allowing the whole process to just become very peaceful and restful.

The subconscious mind has all the answers that you need in life yet it is censored by the conscious mind. When you fall asleep during meditation it is your sub conscious mind knowing that that is what you need. When you try to fall asleep normally the conscious mind is driving the vehicle and saying. Actually, no it’s not time for sleep now and therefore you find it hard to sleep. This shows that the body can only be guided by the mind.

Post Meditation

The effects of meditation are compound; each time you do meditate it compounds on the last time.

When you come out of a meditation you might feel a little bit woozy. In fact you feel so wonderful that you won’t want to come out of it at all! When you do come out it takes your body a few moments to regulate back to where you were, but with a difference!