Everyone has dark history from their past.

We have all done things that were wrong or shameful, things we are not proud of and I mean everyone.

But the past is behind us.

The present is now and a time for us to reflect and forgive ourselves and to send healing to those who we may have hurt along our journey.

Guilt and Shame are fear based and fear holds us in darkness. So release the guilt and shame and move into the present and into the future in Light.


Others will judge our past because they cannot forgive themselves of their own dark atrocities of their past. They form judgements so to deflect their own inner Fear and Guilt.

Forgiveness is the true path for all of us. As with forgiveness comes non judgement and with non judgement comes True Heart Love.

When we stop judging we begin to live through our Heart Space and start to live in harmony with every living organism on our magnificent planet.