Human beings are hard wired to touch each other. To hold, hug, embrace, kiss. No matter age gender culture or race.

People communicate by gesture and touch all the time.  And yet we create rules to ensure we avoid connection by touch.

Some men are so afraid to touch another man or embrace another man for fear that they might be viewed as homosexual.

Some women are so frightened to reach out and touch a man for fear that they may be giving the wrong signals.

We are all terrified to touch or hug a child in case we may be viewed as a pedophile.

The rules placed within our society is creating a void of affection. A void of intimacy. A disconnect to our human instinct.


Touch can Have an Impact

I was away recently and on an expedition into a cave there was an elderly man and woman in the group. I immediately held the woman and told her to hold my hand or put her arm around me on her journey. She was completely overwhelmed but was so grateful for my help. I did the same for her Husband when he was in trouble. He too thanked me afterward.

There was a little boy in the group also and I found I helped him. When I lifted him up  his German parents were in amazement.

What have we become in our world where we cannot do what is instinctively Human.

I long to be hugged by others. Especially those I love and care for. I don't care if they are men, women, boys or girls. Some of my male friends found it really odd at first when I hugged them and told them I loved them. Now they would be disappointed if I diddent.

Why is it such a taboo in our society to touch hold and hug and to tell those that are close and dear to you that You love them.

Maybe you might consider this today and tell those close to you "I Love You" and give those people you care for and love and even those you don't know, a big Huh today.

The miracle of Humanness 

You just might make someone's day - David Ellis