Living Your Truth - Do You Ever 

When we live our lives incongruity, in other words, not living in harmony with our truth or pretending to be someone else to fit in, we invite depression into our sphere of consciousness, because depression is the unavoidable side effect of not living your truth and being who you really are.

We have reached an impasse in the world regarding depression. We are at a worldwide epidemic. Why might that be? We live in a time of Wanting, not Needing. We want More, Enough is not Enough. We live with Resentment, and no longer understand Love. We live in Fear, and forget we are Courageous.

Our Core Values 

If our core values, those values of who we truly are on the opposite side to how we are living our lives. Our Heart cannot process the incongruity of our delusional living and our emotions become fully suppressed in the projection of who we think the world wants us to be. Or who our parents want us to be or who our friends want us to be and so depression takes its iron grip.

One of the hidden cause of depression is the fear of self-expression? Being afraid to show the world, our friends, family, co-workers and peers, who we really are. Sometimes in the need to fit in, for acceptance, we sacrifice our self-expression in exchange for that acceptance or approval. Also sometimes we choose to avoid negative consequences like conflict or rejection.

These behaviours invoke the path to becoming depressed.

Our Emotional Needs 

Every time we shut down self-expression in order to get our emotional needs met by others. We are rejecting the Self and cut ourselves off from our intrinsic source of energy and power. Thereby diminishing our natural state of peace, our joy and love. The result is often, what we refer to as depression. But, why would we ever do this to ourselves?

From the moment we arrive on the planet we are taught that in order to be accepted, appreciated, or to get our emotional needs met, we need to follow a set of rules. We must do as we are told, by our parents, teachers, religion, culture and society. In our human weakness, we sometimes fear that others may withhold love from us and disapproval. Especially  if we don’t conform, or if we don't follow the rules. Therefore we are likely to restrict, limit or shut down our self-expression. More often than not whenever it contradicts with the ruling culture of the day.

living your truth

Self Suppression 

We live in fear of who we are, we may get lost in the confusion that self-suppression is a better choice than self-expression. Unfortunately, when we constantly repress our real Self, our real truth, there is a huge unseen price to pay. You are not living your truth. Depression is the unavoidable by-product of not living your truth, not being who you really are and a direct result of repressing your Real Self.

Our mind, body and spirit, the human being that we are, is not stupid. The human being has an intelligence we do not fully understand. When there is an incongruence within the Heart, the mind creates situations within the mind and body, to bring congruence and harmony. One of the illnesses invoked by the mind for this purpose is depression and in doing so slows everything down, so the human doing,  becomes the human being.

We must remember, our mind can manifest anything in order for the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of the human being to be met. Peace is always a better path than adversity. However we must Love ourselves and in that Loving, we respect who we are. Only then can become our true self.

Self Expression Live Your Life As You 

If we constantly negate ourselves, our lifestyle, and who we are, in order to fit in or be accepted by others, we can become depressed and sometimes even worse illness befalls us. Self-expression is spiritual evolvement. Self-expression allows the Light to shine through us, opening us up to more Light and Creation. Choosing inner conflict over self-expression also means repressing of our own Divinity.

Sometimes being our True Selves can cause others to feel uncomfortable, disapproving, judgemental, and even angry towards us for our differences. When we operate from the Heart space we can have the courage to express our True Self, knowing the ego is not at play. Our self-expression and living our Truth is paramount in living and when we live from our Heart and allow our True Self to emerge we realise Truth is so much easier than deceit.

Be yourself.

Your job for today is to just be You.

Being You requires that you follow your Bliss and Joy, Feel and Listen to your Heart, and express yourself in all ways that feel like YOU.

Spend some time today and examine your life. Are you living your Truth? Are you living Congruently? Examine the possibilities of not living your Truth and the effects on your life.

Our True Self must emerge for there to be complete harmony within the Mind Body and Spirit Unity.

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- David Ellis