Crystals Can Help with Addiction - we hear the word addiction, we conjure up in our minds an image of a drug addict we saw on the street corner or a drunk we saw sleeping rough. We associate the word “addict” with a person of lesser value to us, someone flawed or selfish to be that way.

Firstly, let me explain, addiction is not a choice. An addict is born an addict; however, not all addicts become addicted. A person may tend to be triggered by alcohol, for example, but if they never drink, they will never trigger the alcoholism. However, life circumstances push them into escapism behaviours; the pain of life moves them into a place to escape their pain, that behavioural move may be drugs or alcohol, or any of the items listed below. Once they have moved into escapism, the initial peace they feel will draw them further until this space becomes the new pain that requires larger and larger doses to soothe the pain, and the cycle continues.

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Addiction is NOT a choice.

Addicts are not exclusive to those you may see on the street, today we seem to have an epidemic of addiction, with people in business snorting cocaine daily to get through the day, or the housewife who has become a porn addict to escape the pain of something that she has no idea where it comes from, or the husband who drinks every night because he cannot cope with life, or the teenager who shops non-stop in a desperate outreach to find happiness in what they purchase, and yet, after buying 50 pairs of shoes, they still have not found the right pair, the young boy who takes up smoking because he wants to fit in with his peers. The list goes on, and nobody is exempt.

Addiction is the excessive use or abuse and dependency of many substances and stimuli such as:

  • Food
  • Sex
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Caffeine
  • Sugar
  • Shopping
  • Chocolate
  • Drugs
  • Many others.

How do we become addicted?

Addictions can have both physical and psychological dependencies.

A lot of addiction and a huge amount of emotional and psychological disorders have their roots in painful childhood experiences, remembered or forgotten. These experiences are firmly rooted in the subconscious. The subconscious mind is where everything is stored. Everything we said, do, saw, heard, thought, everything. When these memories are activated or triggered by a trauma or life event, the pain returns, even if we don’t recall the event or experience of our growing years or young adulthood. It is like a switch on a tape recorder that switches itself on, in or around a traumatic event.

Allow me to explain in a simple way the mechanics of the Conscious and Subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is the censor, the operator, the controller, the analysis of all logical thinking, the ego, the giver of negative feedback for our actions, the trainer assisting us in learning, the memory re-caller, the rational thinker.

The Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious mind is the overview, the recorder, the awareness of surroundings, the source of thoughts, instinctive behaviours and dreams, both night dreams and daydreams, the system for driving 99% of all activity, the regulator of bodily functions, the generator of feelings and emotions, the generator of unconscious awareness, the facilitator of physic awareness and the facilitator of base-level awareness.

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crystals to help with addiction

Are Past Memories The Cause To Our Addictions

If you can imagine, something bad happens when you were 8 years old, the conscious mind, the censor, decides to hide the memory from you as it considers the recall is too painful for you to handle at this time. In contrast, the subconscious mind is aware of the event. Still, because the conscious mind has decided to hide the event or trauma, the subconscious mind cannot close its file, leaving the file open until the conscious mind decides to allow you to remember and then pass the file to the subconscious mind for closure.

However, as life becomes life, the conscious mind has a lot of files to manage, censor and control, and the 8-year-old file is left on the back burner, or the conscious mind may consider you are still not ready to handle the pain of the event and keeps it hidden from you.


The problem occurs when the subconscious mind wants to close its file and has sought closure many times without recourse. It then will seep information into your consciousness, maybe through dreams, or indeed a life event, that triggers the memory for you to deal with.

Whichever way the information or event or trauma is brought into our awareness, and sometimes that awareness is vague, without a name, just a feeling of pain or emptiness, or void. This lack of certainty or awareness/unawareness can take us on the journey of escapism as it's easier to escape the pain than look at it full on.

Escapism, Can It Lead To Addiction

That escapism can then turn to excess or abuse unless the root matter is not resolved. This then leads to addiction.

According to a study undertaken by the National Academy of Sciences, adolescents and adults are more likely to become addicted to something if they were sexually or physically abused, humiliated as a child or if their parents themselves were substance abusers.

Recent studies have shown that children of alcoholic parents are four to five times more likely to become alcohol dependent. Compared among those with non-alcoholic parents. The same statistics apply to drug-addicted parents and children.

The Desire To Escape Pain

The overwhelming desire to escape the pain of the inner child is so great that we no longer consider the act's danger. I was counselling a young teen who was stoned out of his head on Cannabis. He had to steal from his family and friends and prostitute himself to feed his habit did not seem to cause him any discomfort. He refused to accept that Cannabis was harmful and cited every benefit of the drug. The teen could not see the damage that it was causing him. He is just one example of how we drift into escapism and then defend that modality of escapism because that is easier than facing the pain.

Escapism is driven by dopamine and its effects on the human mind and body. When the dopamine hit is activated it is only then that it is revealed to us whether we are hardwired for addictive tendencies or not.

Is Addiction In Your DNA

Hence how some people can drink and not become alcoholics and others cannot.

However, some drugs are slightly different. Some have been designed to trigger the dopamine response. Heroin is a prime example. These overstimulate the neurotransmitters, which causes an insatiable cycle that leads to physical dependence on the drug.

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Energy and Light

We also must consider the whole aspect of Energy and Light on this addiction phenomenon.

As a therapist working with the mind, energy and Light, I see people every day who are so lost in their darkness and consumed by their addiction that they have lost their connection to Source

This is also a very effective ploy of dark energies, and if you don’t believe these energies exist, you are mistaken. The longer we remain consumed by our own darkness and addictions, our Pineal Gland remains closed, but also our mind becomes closed. Therefore we cannot receive the help through therapy or the light and energy help we need from the Source.

It is not Source that has disconnected from us, rather we have closed our connection to Source in our bid to remain in our addictive behaviour. In our bid to escape, to be free of the pain.

Alcoholism The Addiction

Have you ever considered what we say about the alcoholic or the drug addict? “He/She is out of his/her head”; in fact, they are true “out of their minds” literally. When we are out of our minds, we cannot connect to our Hearts, and therefore our Spirit energy gets trapped within. We become drones, and in that drone state, we are easy targets for the dark lord’s army.

When we are addicted, it is very difficult to accept that we may have a problem, because if we accept that we do, we are admitting that we have pain.

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Addiction Signs

Reflect on this short list of signs and symptoms

Do you use any of the lists below with frequency, such as binging on Food, Coffee? Sweets. Cigarettes. Alcohol. Drugs, Porn or Sex?

  1. Have you ever tried to stop for a week but been unable to do so?
  2. Do you resent the advice of others who express concern about your substance use?
  3. Does it bother you that other people can indulge without having any side effects?
  4. Has your behaviour created problems with work, friends or family?
  5. Do you plan your life around your behaviour?
  6. Are you experiencing financial difficulty due to your behaviour?
  7. Do you go to that place or use your substance when you are disappointed, sad, depressed or going through a difficult time?
  8. Has your sexual ability or desire suffered from your behaviour?
  9. Are you concerned that if you stop your behaviour, you will have no fun or excitement in life?
  10. Have you ever stolen money or goods to support your habit?
  11. Do you have regrets or remorse about your behaviour?
  12. Do you really want to change?

How many questions did you answer yes to?

Escape From The Dark

Whilst in this dark place, it is impossible to have rational thinking. But if you were to go deep down inside and listen to your heart, you would know if you have a behavioural issue concerning substance abuse or behaviour abuse. But when we are escaping from pain, it's challenging to reach our Heart space.

Make the change for you today and do something about it now, while you can.

Crystals for Healing Addiction.

Crystals are a compliment for healing other therapies and not a replacement for regular medical or phycological care.

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Crystals can help in this regard, and, in this situation, we need a full balance of our system, so a Chakra Bracelet or Necklace will be helpful. Seven excellent different stones are ideal for this situation. It assists a positive mind, and intention is required and, of course, support.

In addition, place a few Crystals under your pillow or by your bedside, as well as carry on the body in tumbled or jewellery.


Known as the stone of sobriety. Perfect for relieving the physical, emotional and psychological pain and great for protection and transmuting and removing negative energy.

Lapis Lazuli

Self-Discovery, Self-Honesty and Self-Control. Allowing you to trust yourself and, in turn, trust Universal Energy and direction.

Rose Quartz

Pink Quartz is a delicate crystal that promotes a calm and gentle ambience. It brings to reality the actions achieved towards doing things that one enjoys doing. Enhancing personal talent and bringing joy to life and living. It is instilling a liveliness and cheerfulness within. Calming for nerves helps to soothe overwrought senses. The stone delivers a sense of well-being.

Yellow Calcite

Yellow Calcite is known for the stone of the mind and is associated with students and academics. It promotes confidence in thinking and improves memory. Also, it allows for increased power of discernment and gives the ability to react quickly in mental situations. It is a calming, centring stone that aids in inward strength and stability. Furthermore, it improves development and confidence in outward appearance.

Calcite aids in the fortification of bones, teeth mucous membrane, connective tissue and intestine. It also promotes healthy growth in children.

Tigers Eye

Restoring present moment living; restoring strength, courage and vitality. Tigers Eye is the stone of change and allows us to accept things as they are and give the necessary courage.


It dissolves ingrained emotional, behavioural patterns that no longer serve your highest good, allowing you to break through self-induced unconscious self-sabotage. Garnet will hold you to the Earth and ground you through your process.

Each of these Crystals are suitable for the physical detox as well as the emotional balance.

First Steps To Beating Addiction 

Before we can beat anything, we need to understand it. We also need to have a clear plan set out on how we will overcome our demons. So firstly, we need to seek help, and in seeking that help, we need to find a therapist that will help us find the root cause of our issues whilst at the same time helping us to detoxify from our substance of abuse. We also need to purchase a Crystal kit if we want to use Crystals on our journey.

An Independence Crystal Kit comes in different forms, such as Addiction Set for Alcohol and Drug Addiction. Or a  Grid of Enhanced Protection to Assist with Addiction, or A Grid of Love Enhancement Or Natural Enhancement of Protection to Assist with Addiction Or Sobriety Enhancement. These sets have all been programmed by David Ellis specifically for Addiction Issues. They are all part of The Independency Crystal Sets.

Support Network For Addiction

The next thing we need is a support network. A support network is friends, family, colleagues, AA, a therapist who will be there for us no matter what time of day or night.

They may have been in the same position as we are or, indeed, may still be in the same position. We need to be able to access support whenever we feel the need to do this in many ways. In-person, via a phone call, text, email, watsap, zoom, skype. Once our support network is set up, we are all of the same mindset, which is to beat addiction. Then we can structure our plan together on which steps we will take to get to our end goal, which is to be free from substance abuse.

A Strategy To Follow

Having a plan or a strategy to follow makes reaching our goals a little bit easier. With a plan or strategy, make each step small and easy to complete. This way, it will feel as we are making progress rather than feeling like giving up because we are trying to do too much at once. As time goes on, we will feel so much stronger and more determined to get to our goal. Eventually, we may be able to help others to beat addiction.

Crystals you might wear on your journey

Crystals come in a necklace or bracelet form, which we can wear throughout our journey to overcome our demons. By wearing a Crystal bracelet or necklace will help you bring balance to your system; it will emit positive balancing energy while drawing negative energy from the body. (It is important to cleanse any Crystals you use to maintain their integrity and authenticity). The crystals will give pulse positive energy, keeping you relaxed and calm, giving you the energy to manage your condition.

As time goes on, we begin to feel more positive, uplifted and have a much more healthy attitude to life. Wearing the bracelet the whole time is also a visual reminder that we need to make changes to our lives. Each stone upon the necklace or bracelet has a specific healing property to help us transform. Helping us to make better choices, to pursue healthier, more positive habits and hobbies.

Crystals To Keep Addiction At Bay

Once we have become sober, there are further crystals we can wear as a reminder of how far we have come. The additional crystals will keep us positive and uplifted. We may be then able to help others overcome their addiction and become part of their support network.

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Helping Others Addicts After our Recovery

Once we realise the power of crystals and the help they have given us to quell our addiction, we will be in a position to help others on their journey.

I hope you found this helpful. If you would like any further information, please contact me.

– David Ellis

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