Cellular Memory

Well God has nothing to do with it! Man has everything to do with it! When we arrive on the planet. We push from our Mothers womb all new, untarnished, pure and innocent. Or do we? Dr Bruce Lipton has proven the science of the cellular memory. We are not the construct of our genes. But the existence of our DNA.

People used talk about traits within a person, they have their Fathers eyes or nose. It must be in the Genes. Or that person is very intelligent like their mother. Must be in the genes. It's been proven that it's nothing to do with genes. And all to do with our DNA. Why is that important in wondering if God is responsible for bad things happening? Here's why!

The Cellular Memory of Our Cells 

If we arrive on the planet with the already inherent potential to be a bad or evil person. In other words, if in our previous life or lives we lived as bad or vicious or violent people, then we carry within our DNA that potential as our cells have memory. Our cells of which we are made of remember everything. As humans we learn our behaviours from our experiences. In turn they become a program that runs in the subconscious. We are the sum total of our experiences.

Now if when we arrive on the planet we join a caring nurturing loving bonding family unit, that potential can be defused and the potential will not be realised because in the infant growth and programming the infant learns new techniques and new coping strategies because of the loving family unit. On the other hand. If a child is born who carries the DNA outlined or the cellular memory of a past life into an environment that is not loving, hostile, abusive and uncaring. Then that child has a greater risk to realise their DNA potential from their learned cellular memory.

Our Protective Heart Space 

Human beings arrive on the planet operating from their heart space. Babies from conception to the age of seven live their lives in their heart space. Slowly moving through the heart and up into the mind from the age of eight and developing their ego selves in that time. That ego, or projection of who they think they should be based on what way they think others see them.

Over the next seven years the child develops the egotic self to a balanced state or semi balanced state or they can become egocentric or egomaniacs. The child of the unloving family for example who already has the DNA potential of destruction will flourish in their egocentric selves and become their true potential. We often wonder why children can be bad, evil in some cases, when there is no frame of reference for their behaviour. Well the following example is a demonstration of how evil children can be for no apparent reasons.

Cellular Memory we have no choice or do we, scientists sat looking into a microscope

The Evil Past of our Cellular Memory 

Little Jamie Bulger was murdered in February 1993, at the age of two. He was abducted, tortured and murdered by two ten-year-old boys, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables. How could Robert and Jon corroborate such an act of evil. In fact how could any child do this to a little toddler? Where did they learn this evil behaviour?

No it was not from TV or something they experienced at home and No! it was not Gods fault.

Human beings are responsible for what human beings do to each other. No matter what age they are. As parents we have a responsibility to love and care for our young. To nurture their needs and provide them with the best possible coping skills. To demonstrate to them kindness, love, compassion, empathy, honour and justice. As human beings we have a duty to love and care for each other.

You Alone Are Responsible For Your Actions 

If we all took our own responsibility and loved and cared for each other. The memory of the cells would only remember love and care. The DNA moving forward would only have Love as its basis. We can argue, that the damage is already done because some of us have lived evil lives in the past and therefore that potential is already there, there is nothing we can do! But we can!

We must start somewhere. So by starting NOW to love each other and care for each other our next generation will have a lesser possibility of that dark potential. The generations that follow would only have cellular memories of love and not hate, of caring not abandonment, of honour not dishonour, of good and not evil.

We can only implement change in self. Our own Heart. Our own feelings. Our own internal dialog. But time for change is overdue.

Let's begin today - David Ellis