Our inner expressions are uniquely felt through us. These are the life impulses of creativity that we feel from within. When we channel this creative feeling, impulsively through actions, emotion and words, then we are releasing our true essence.

True Essence


This essence is at the core of our being, often wrapped by many layers of doubt, anxiety, fear and anger.  We tend to focus on these negative layers as the reality of everyday life, with the true essence taking a secondary backdrop as a source of utopia that we think can only be visited in phases. These phases are viewed as escapist moments that last until we have to return to deal with solving the negative issues that rise to the surface. We feel that to find our true essence we have to fight through the fear in the heart and almost see the conquering of this fear an achievement that is rewarded by the serenity and peace of the inner truth.

True Essence and the Ego

The path to true essence does not have to be taken by this route every time. Sometimes, instead of facing and conquering the fear, it can be life enhancing to cast this fear aside and focus on what is important; true essence.

When we have this fear in our heart it leads us on a path into darkness and self-destruction. In fear we journey into anger. Anger brings us into hate. Hate takes us into suffering and suffering leads us away from the true essence of who we really are: Love.

True Essence

We are driven by the ego mind which makes the layers of reality, those of anxiety, doubt, fear and anger; a focus of priority which detracts from the essence of who we really are within. When we allow these energies to exist within our heart, which are stemmed from the ego mind and that are not congruent with our true essence; the conflict within the heart space creates fear and the cycle takes on its own life.

Experience True Essence

So take a moment and allow the impulsive feelings and truth from deep within your core being to take centre stage. These impulses and intuitions are not to be hidden in the drawer as keepsakes that we return to and examine occasionally, they are the heart of the inner emotion and true essence that exists within you and should be connected continuously and shared with all.

true essence

Of course, we have to examine our fears and anxiety and address the core root of their manifestation yet this negativity should not be the constant focus that depletes the harmonic substance of your inner being. That focus should be on your true essence.

Living our lives from our True essences brings harmony and happiness.