Time slips by so fast. Minutes turn into hours, hours into days, days into weeks and weeks into years and all that time we are getting older.

There is no rest for time, no break and it never stops and as a result we too grow old without the facility of a pause button.

We never get the opportunity to go back or to stop time. It keeps moving and we keep getting older.

Sometimes as this movement occurs we become wiser and sometime we don't.

We sometimes stay in the stubbornness of the past, of the "then" not paying attention to the fact that time is moving forward without any brakes.

Connections of Time

There are people in our lives that we have stopped communicating with. Sometimes with good cause, at that time but sometimes because of a misunderstanding or miscommunication. Sometimes it better to leave these people behind because perhaps we have outgrown them or our wisdom has superseded their wisdom.

timeBut for those others that we think about, that we left behind not understanding why we don't talk anymore, not understanding what happened to create the rift that has kept us apart.

If we consider that time is moving in one direction only perhaps it's time to reconnect with those friends or collogues that we so cherished and find out why. Or just simply reconnect.

Time waits for no man. For me personally, I intend to make a supreme effort this year to reconnect with those that have moved out of my energy field and to open my heart and maybe, just maybe, they may want to be in my life, in my energy field once again. Because maybe the drifting apart was me and not them.

It's so easy to operate on the basis "out of sight, out of mind" but when your heart constantly reminds you of those you once held dearly; Listen to your heart.
-David Ellis