Our Two Hearts

As we open and learn and operate from our Heart Space more and more. We begin to realise there are two aspects to our Heart Energy which we had not considered before:

  • The Human Emotional Heart
  • The Spiritual Heart



Both are within and both have their own functionality within our being. The difference being is the connection to the inner source.

The Human Emotional Heart

heartThe Human Emotional Heart is heavy. “With a heavy heart” that pain in the heart when the heart is broken even though there is no physical ailment.

The human emotional heart is consistently tested to react to situations that occur in everyday life. These situations can be small happenings that take place through the routine of the day.

This could be listening to an insult from another person or seeing a cherished love one in pain or going through an illness. They are small matters but can affect the emotional heart in ways that are similar to when major crisis in life occur.

Major occurrences can include the death of a loved one, an accident or a break up of a relationship amongst many other things. Whatever the circumstance, either large or small, the human emotional heart is hit and the ‘heavy heart’ manifests itself.

The Spiritual Heart

The Spiritual Heart is Light “light hearted " that feeling of being uplifted or light hearted.

heartIn the Spiritual Heart we are not governed by man-made rules. We don't need them. We know what feels right and what feels wrong and we act accordingly.

The spiritual heart allows us to become givers of many things. We give without thoughts of receiving yet we unconsciously do receive something and that is the wonderful feeling of inner peace and love. The spiritual heart is emotively deep and instinctively all-embracing. It is our connection to source.

The spiritual heart gives:

  • Acts of Kindness without reward.
  • Unconditional Love.
  • Empathy.
  • Non Judgement.

These are the works of the Spiritual Heart.

But we must remember: We are Human Beings living a Human Life to experience Human Existence.

So, as expressed before, the Human Heart gets hurt.

That pain is so severe and strong that it overwhelms our Humanness and in doing so prevents us from accessing our Spiritual Heart. For at that moment or time of pain or grief we simply cannot find our connection to source. Although it is always there. The spiritual heart is there for the times we do find our way back and reach out for the connection to this giving heart source.


As our heavy heart pulls us down into the Earth plain we feel the pain greater as we make the descent until a point is reached when our Spiritual Heart takes over and gives us the resource to enable us to lift back into connection and life itself.

We are not here to live a Spiritual Life in human form. We are here to live as humans and do what humans do and feel all the feelings that Humans feel.

The accession process is learning to know that no matter what happens here we are Loved Unconditionally by Source. Our Creator.

Be kind to others and our Planet. Be grateful for who we are and have a great Human Fun Filled Life.

- David Ellis