The effects of Colour on the Human Body. Just as we need to eat a balanced diet if we are to be healthy. So too do we need a balance of the energy from the seven spectrum colours. These colour vibrations nourish not only the physical cells and organs. But have a powerful influence on our emotional, mental and nervous activity as well as our spiritual well-being.

Effects of Colour on the Human Body

We all know that colour affects our moods. For some of us, some colours are uplifting and inspiring, while others are depressing. Often we use terms like ‘feeling blue’ or ‘seeing red’ without really thinking of the meaning behind the words. Our feelings and emotions are directly affected by the balance or imbalance of hormones in our body.

Colour Lighting

Coloured light travels to the pituitary gland, the master gland of the endocrine system, thus affecting our entire metabolism. So, the visible rays increase and stimulate the production of hormones.

Coloured light also causes calcium and phosphorus to be more readily utilised. Pathological blood sugar is diminished without any disturbance to normal blood sugar. The red/orange rays produce heat, which relieves congested conditions. The lymphatic stasis is reduced, causing blood vessels to dilate, resulting in increased blood supply. On the other hand, the cooling blue wavelength reduces blood pressure. As the suprarenal are depressed whilst the thyroid gland is stimulated.

Our Mental Health

Colour affects our mental body too. Certain colours, like blue, can calm our minds, while others, like certain shades of yellow, can stimulate mental activity. The effect of colour, however, does not end when we close our eyes.

Colour is absorbed through the skin, affecting every cell in our body. As all cells are light-sensitive, so colour vibrations affect their growth and behaviour. Causing fine biochemical changes to take place. Colour therapy is beneficial as preventative medicine.

Coloured light causes anti-bodies to be stimulated, thus increasing the resistance to bacterial disease or disturbance. Leucocytes can also be increased, thus stimulating the capacity of the individual to overcome bacterial infection. Not only do we take in coloured light through our eyes and skin. But we also draw in light energy through a body’s energy centre system known as the chakras. The Chakra system is directly linked to our nervous system.

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