The Crystal Grid

Have you ever considered the amount of negative energy and emotional baggage that comes through your front door of your home or office?

We all carry baggage and we all carry negative or dark energy. Some carry more than others and some are good at dropping that energy off wherever they go, without even realising they had it in the first place.

crystal grid

When we go out into the environment, into someone’s home or an office, doctors practice, restaurant, cinema, night club, it really does not matter where because no matter where we go there are layers of sticky energy everywhere. The darker the place, and I don’t mean lighting, the thicker and heavier the energy.

We we are feeling down or depressed for example, we are open and prone to collect more dark energy and more baggage as our energy aligns with that of our thoughts, feelings and environment. So when I am depressed, I will attract that energy from other depressed people. So you can see just how difficult it is to rise out of depression when the world is against us, or so it seems. This is just an example of the power of our energy, our thoughts and feelings. Everything both positive and negative is held and amplified within the matrix of the electromagnetic field.

Negative energy is not just a Spiritual concept, we all are interconnected in the universal matrix of the electromagnetic field, within that field, we draw and express energy. Sometimes positive, sometimes negative. A grid of Protection can help protect against this negative, unwanted spiritual or lower energies.

Dark Energy breeding grounds

If we are drunk or on drugs we unconsciously allow ourselves to align with the darkest energy as we become unaware of our self, our space, our enviroment. Our pineal gland closes when intoxicated, we temporary loose our connection to the Light and become invaded by parasites of darkness and dark energy. We then carry this dark energy with us when we come around to be sober. Crystals Can Help With Addiction.

(When and where we become intoxicated is really something we should pay attention to, but it’s something I will discuss in a later article.)

Everywhere we go, we collect more and more of what we already have attached to ourselves.

Sometimes we can go to sacred spaces or healed places or blessed sanctuaries where we can loose our dark energy or baggage. We can leave it behind. But it does not cause any stress to that environment there, because that space is protected.

A Crystal Grid of Protection does the same function. It cleanses the environment and holds the dark energy and baggage untill transmitted through the Voilet Fire.

crystal grid

Set Up a Crystal Grid of  Protection

It’s easy to set up a crystal grid of protection for your home or office or business. A basic grid can be completed using the following.

You will need 4 pieces of Amethyst. Preferably Amethyst Points and an Amethyst Pyramid.

After cleansing and programming the Crystals. Simply place the Amethyst is the four corners of the home or office and place the pyramid in the most central location.

Remember to be mindful when you’re setting up the grid and focus on the intention of what you are doing.

That’s it. Done!

You have set up a basic grid of protection.

You will need to cleanse and reprogram these crystals from time to time.

crystal grid

A stronger grid of protection would encompass

Amethyst is a Crystal of Protection.

Clear Quartz is a crystal of Amplification and Awareness.

These grids can be altered to include

Rose Quartz for a loving environment,

Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli or Blue Lace Agate for Communication.

Malachite or Green Aventurine for Harmony and Balance.

There are a whole range of environments that can be cultivated by the use of the Crystal Grid.

It really is a worthwhile exercise.

David Ellis