Meditation Practice

Meditation is easy to bring into our daily routine. Once we begin a meditation practice, we will feel the many benefits it can bring. If you are completely new to the idea of meditating, I have some advice to show you how this practice can work wonders for you and really change your life for the better.

meditation Meditation Practice





  1. We Can Let the Past Go

Sitting in silence is a great way to let go. As thoughts arise in our minds, allow them to be, and do not push them away. There can be many things happening in the mind, let go of the busy mind stream. If we find the mind is very loud, it can be helpful to say “Thank you, I let you go”. This will help us to detach from the stress that the mind can create.

We are beginning to let go of the things that hold us back. The blocks, the limiting beliefs, the walls we have built up. There are patterns within us that have brought us negative habits and we are starting to remove these from our lives. As we meditate more and more, we will slowly begin to release these unhealthy habits.

  1. We can Let Ourselves be just as we are

It is reassuring to know that in meditation, we always get a clean slate. No matter how rough the day has been, no matter how low we have felt or how chaotic our mind has been, we always get a second chance to start again.

Once we have let go of some of our baggage, there is a space within us, ready to receive positive input. It is as though, in meditation, we are able to “watch this space”. We have cleaned away a dirty window and we have become open and receptive to new things entering. We are opening the door for the new good things to come.

There is no right or wrong way to be. In meditation, we bring forward all aspects of ourselves. All things are accepted just the way that they are. Every emotion we feel is accepted, every thought we think is welcomed and every sensation in the body is allowed to be just as it is. Nothing is judged in meditation, we allow all things to be. We do not need to force ourselves to change or hide what we discover. This is a safe place to be the way that you are.

  1. We can let in positive Energy

Every time we bring attention to the body, it brings great energy to it! The body loves to have our attention and you will notice that after your regular meditation practice your aches and pains will gradually soften. Be patient with this change, as there may also be emotional elements to process, which can take time to heal.

In meditation, you get the gift of the Now! You can enjoy what is happening right now. From the sounds of the birds chirping outside to being aware that you have a home to live in and food to eat, you can really notice how good life is to you. You can listen to the sweet sound of silence. It is very calming to have a moment to hear nothing. It is soothing and restorative.

The way you feel God can be different from person to person. In your meditation, you may notice a sense of stillness, a lightness in the body, or even a feeling of inner fulfilment. Positive emotions can also enter the space while you meditate. You may feel joy, gratitude or peace.

Conclusion Meditation Practice

There are many benefits to practising meditation. Our bodies will thank us for taking up the regular practice. It is a very simple yet highly powerful technique to let go of the past, accept the present and welcome wonderful things for our future. We can move forward in life with lighter feet and happier hearts. Let’s clear the way for new and exciting adventures in