Our Sleeping and Dreaming time is precious. Did you ever wonder why we need sleep or what Dreams are about?

Our physical bodies need to regenerate; we do this during sleep time. No matter our age, we need rest & regeneration because our cells, every cell, has memory & needs to heal from the environmental information overload of the day. 

When we don’t sleep or can't sleep, we deprive the cells of this invaluable regeneration, and over time, this weakens the immune system and illness follow. 

Also, in our sleep time, other magical events happen. Our Spirit leaves our body and connects with other Spirit beings, but all the time remains connected to us. We also Dream. Why do we dream?

We have two types of dreams. The dreams we do not recall upon awaking & the dreams we recall long after we have awoken. The dreams we do not recall are messages in the form of dreams from our Guides & Spirit; we can recall these messages if we awake and write them down. Usually, when we look at what we have written when we awake, we have no recall of the dream or, indeed, writing the note. 

The other dreams we have are like being in the movies; they are clear & vivid, sometimes frightening, sometimes nightmares, and sometimes humorous. These dreams are messages from our subconscious mind. They are presented to us in dream form & most times, make little or no sense. But the purpose of the message is the subconscious mind is trying to alert us to correct or look at something that has happened or an old wound or trauma that has not been healed. Its purpose is not to hurt us but to heal us. 

Photo by Engin Akyurt

Although dreams are all presented in our minds, the mind is not the brain. The mind is connected to the Heart, which is connected to the Matrix, the space where everything and anything is possible. The Matrix is that space where we connect with our Divinity. 

Our sleep time is vital to our wellness, but as you can see, not just our physical wellness, so try to achieve six to eight hours of proper rem sleep each night, drink lots of water during the day, & yes, you may pee a lot, but sleep and water are the keys to our human wellness. 

Sleeping and Dreaming is vital for wellbeing

David Ellis

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