No matter what the time of year we think about our life goals and dreams.

Yes, we THINK about them.

Thinking about them and taking the steps to achieve them are vastly different things and it is surprising the amount of people who dream big, yet either do not believe enough in the dream to take action or do not feel they have the confidence or ability to achieve them.

And so these Life Goals remain JUST A DREAM.

These life goals and desires CAN be fulfilled if you take simple measures to prepare yourself;to give yourself the confidence and belief to achieve them.

Manifest Your Life Goals and Dreams

Define Your Dreams

Be very clear and specific about what you really want to achieve. Make sure it is YOU that really wants to take action.

Life Goals and Dreams

It can be very easy to jump onto someone else’s dream. We have all done it. A friend says ‘I would love to learn to speak French’. You reply ‘I have always wanted to do that!’ But have you?

Not really. It certainly would be nice to speak French, but has it always been your desire? No.

So be clear about YOUR life goals and dreams. Give attention to your intention. The strength of that intention will determine the outcome of your ability to achieve.

Believe in Yourself

Let go of all doubts, fears, worries and negative thoughts associated with your intention.

We all have them, no matter how big or difficult the life goals are. Our minds begin to race as every uncertainty and obstacle to traversing the path to your dreams comes to the fore. STOP.

Don't spend time figuring out HOW something will manifest, but pay attention to the OUTCOME.

Pay attention to the dream and how the realisation of that dream makes you feel.

Otherwise, paying attention to fears, worries, doubts, and negative thoughts will create blocks in your manifestation.

These fears and doubts include:


"Let's hope this works" or “I’m not sure about this”

Negative Counter-Intention

“I want this but I can’t afford it…”


“This is taking too long, when will I get it?”

Trying to figure out how something will happen, will create too much rationalization or reasoning with the conscious mind.

Life Goals Manifestation

The primary barrier to effective, consistent manifestations that really prevents these manifestations is when we approach them with a sense of desperation or we are trying too hard.

Life Goals and Dreams

Visualisation and affirmations are powerful tools in our Manifestations but overuse or endless repeating of the same will only suggest that we don't believe our affirmation or visualisation will manifest.

Do the visualisation and manifestation with feeling and attention to the intention.

Write it down in a manifestation journal. Believe what you have written to be already manifested.

Trust in the outcome.

Don't try too hard and watch as your dreams become reality.

These are YOUR life goals and dreams and the only person who you want to achieve them and WILL achieve them is YOU.

This post has been inspired by the work of Richard Dotts