We recently posted an in-depth conversation with David Ellis on the interesting subject of using hypnotherapy and the process involved. The conversation touched on the subject of using hypnotherapy for regression into past lives. Here are some of David’s insights on regression hypnosis.

Why Regression Hypnosis?

“Some people come to hypnosis as they want to know who they were in past lives.” David reveals. “You can do that in two ways. You can do past life regression through meditation or you can do it through hypnosis. I’ve done both.

The hypnotic process is identical to all the other processes; it just doesn’t have a script. This because you are not looking to implant information, you are looking to extract information.”

regression hypnosisDavid and I discuss the fact that I, at times, suffer from vertigo and subsequently have a fear of heights of which I do not know where the source emanated from. David tells me:

“If we can allow yourself the luxury to think that we may have had a previous life and there is no current past. Nothing that we can refer back to in our current life time that could be the catalyst that has created the problem. Then and only then, would we look past the current life into the past life to see where this situation was actually coming from.

The Fear Regression Hypnosis

In this particular case we were discussing the fear of heights so if we identify that there is no catalyst in this childhood. Or in this lifetime that would have caused a fear of heights then the catalyst has to be prior to this lifetime. We then would go back and look into the past life and see how did that occur and find at some stage that there was a catalyst. You may have fallen off, or killed yourself by falling off a large building and this is the catalyst that the memory of the cells bring forward into this lifetime. They are the reasons why we would go back there.

The difficulty with that hypothesis is that it can’t be proved although science is now establishing that DNA carries memory. They are saying that it does carry memory yet they are not qualifying that to past lives.”

Can it be proved through hypnotherapy?

“Well, it’s subjective. In hypnotherapy you can bring people back into retrospection into previous lives but then it can be argued as to what is it that the client is actually recalling. So again, the science behind it is weak.

If you allow yourself to know the truth and accept the truth and know the difference between what truth feels like and what untruth feels like you will actually understand what is real and what is not.

But you have to allow yourself to go into that place without having the judgement or disbelief. It’s not about what you believe, it’s about finding what YOUR TRUTH is and being able to identify that.”

How does Regression Hypnosis Work?

“You bring the client into their trance state where they are completely relaxed and you are encouraging them to go back through the years, right back through the years, back into the womb and back prior to when they were in the womb.

In most cases (not in all cases) the client will be talking about an experience that they are experiencing whilst in hypnosis. They will talk about such things as:

  • What they are wearing
  • How they are feeling
  • What the weather is like
  • Where they are located in
  • If they are with children, with family

And so on. “He explains.

“So you explore everything about the environment they are in. Then, when you bring them back to this lifetime, this place, they remember all that they have experienced. They will then remember that particular timeframe of their life. In order to go back into past lives, we don’t need to know every detail; all we need to know are salient points about the place and the circumstance.”

What are the benefits of Regression Hypnosis?

“Well, if you take out the interesting aspect, you have to remember it’s subjective, it’s not science based.” Relates David.

“I would never suggest to a client to do past life regression, only if I identified with the client that they were:

  • Open to the fact that they may have been around in a previous life.
  • Stuck in an issue that, when I go back to their childhood, we can find no rhyme or reason to it. Therefore, if it’s not in their childhood, it must be before then.

That would be the only reason why I would suggest that we go back beyond the point to see if there would be something you have carried into this life.

Anger spikes would be a prime example.

A client may tell me they are angry all the time and beating their husband, beating their wife; or just being angry in general. We would firstly look at their childhood and if they had experienced a fantastic childhood with caring parents however they were an angry child, we would then take it further to identify where that anger came from. I would suggest to the client, perhaps it is something you have carried with you so let’s go and see how angry you were in a previous life.

In one particular situation with a client, when we went back we found that the client was indeed angry. A mass murderer in jail and he brought that anger with him. Once we established that it was genetic, in the DNA, we resolved it by reprogramming the mind and giving it different suggestions so the client could move forward and live a happier life. After doing five or six sessions with him, he wasn’t angry anymore. That sort of situation would be the only time that we would suggest past life regression. “

Is Regression for everyone?

“A number of times clients would come to me and ask ‘can we do regression?’ Sometimes they want to regress to a period in their life that they don’t remember; and I won’t do it.

If they don’t remember, they don’t remember for a really good reason. The brain is not stupid. If the brain has blocked out something from our consciousness and it’s not creating any conflict and the only reason you want to remember is that you are just curious, then leave it be.

It reminds me of a story a lecturer once told where there were siblings who were inseparable. They had respective wives, husbands and kids but they absolutely adored each other and they were in business together. One of the siblings had a great curiosity as to why they could not remember anything from the time they were ten to fourteen. They went off to do regression hypnosis and remembered. After eight weeks of that remembrance that sibling was committed to a mental institution as they couldn’t handle what they had uncovered. One sibling had raped the other over a four-year period.

In that particular case there was a great argument that developed in the class room where one side were of the opinion that it was right that it came out and the rapist should have been prosecuted and held responsible. I think that’s irrelevant when both siblings are heart broken and their lives never would be the same again. One ended up in a mental institution; children and family were affected. “

So which is best?

“To me; if the mind has blocked a memory it has done that for a good reason. If somebody comes to me out of curiosity and wants to know what happened to them when they were a certain age and they could not remember then I would say ‘sorry I can’t help you’.

The difficulty is that whatever has been done in the past, if there is a conflict between the conscious and the sub-conscious. The subconscious cant resonate with what’s happened, it will keep on constantly raising it in all different ways. This is so that the conscious will actually pay attention and do something about it so that it becomes congruent and it can actually be resolved. However, in many cases there may be no conflict as the conscious mind has blocked the memory so there is no issue.”