Today we are going to talk about the power of positive thinking and the power of intention.

I am sure that many of you are familiar with the secret and the work that has been done around the secret has been of incredible benefit to us all. When we realise that we can actually create our own environment and create our own future it becomes incredibly empowering to realise that if  I use positive thinking to focus on something with full intention throughout my entire body then I can actually manifest what it is I am looking to manifest throughout my life.


Belief in Positive Thinking

positive thinkingWhen utilising the power of positive thinking, you have to fully commit to the thought and belief that your desire will manifest.

E.g. if I want to have a loving, caring relationship then there is no point in dreaming about just having that relationship; I need to:

  • Feel the relationship as if it has already happened
  • Believe that the manifestation will actually manifest

So there’s little point in wanting a relationship, feeling it and having a great desire yet, then, allowing the mind to constantly say:

  • ‘No this is never going to happen to me’
  •  ‘I’m not good enough’ or
  • ‘I’m going to leave the planet and I will still be alone.’

Our belief system must be so strong that we believe in our heart and soul and body that what it is we are looking for is actually going to manifest.

However there is one sidebar that needs to be paid attention to in this.

The Reality of Positive Thinking and Manifestation

Doctor David R Hawkins made a wonderful reference to the reality of positive thinking and that is that:

If I sit in the desert and I believe that in my mind and body and spirit that I am going to have a house there in the desert. I believe and manifest internally that the house will be surrounded by lakes and rivers; we know this is just not going to happen. It will not happen because the environment, the external environment, also needs to be in total congruency with what it is we are thinking.

positive thinking

So in other words; if I want to win the lotto I can believe that I am going to win the lotto with all of my mind , all of my heart and all of my body. If I believe this but actually I don’t buy the lottery ticket then, guess what?

I am never going to win the lotto.

So positive thinking and believing in our positive outcome will actually pay benefits to us, it will manifest to what it is we want it to manifest to PROVIDED that we make the steps within ourselves in order to make that happen.

Using Affirmations for Positive Thinking

positive thinkingAffirmations are another wonderful way in which we can help ourselves to attain what it is that we want to bring into our lives.

Creating and voicing these affirmations repeatedly allow us to absorb the substance and emotion of the manifestation we wish to attain or desire. These affirmations will not have a profound effect though if, again, they are not rooted in the reality of pro-active self-initiation or support.

So, if I believe that I want a relationship in my life then I create affirmations surrounding that whole process. I then say those affirmations with great belief and with great strength and conviction; but that conviction needs to extend into self-action in order to support the affirmation. So, if I don’t DO ANYTHING about meeting somebody, then that’s never going to happen.

In other words, if I never leave my house or I never leave my office; then guess what? I am NOT going to meet somebody!

So we must have the intention, we must have the belief within our body and we must have the belief within our mind.

We must do the affirmations to support the desire in what we have decided. We must believe in what it is we are saying and we MUST row some of the way out in order to make it all happen.

David Ellis