Power of our Thoughts And How They Impact Others 

Pay attention to how powerful our words we are. We use our words to communicate Love, Hate, Judgement, Encouragement, Gratitude and Disapproval. We speak our word aloud and on that sound vibration carries an energy of intent. 

What we have spoken cannot be retracted. Just as those who have heard our word cannot unhear our word including ourselves. 

Self-talk, either silent or aloud carries the same vibration, the same energy. It is both positive and negative depending on the content. 

As we speak our thoughts from our mind, we infect our  subconscious with all the negative connotations of "I can't", "I'm ugly", "I'm useless", "I'm ashamed", "I'm a bad person" and so on, this negative chatter that runs in our head like background music is created from childhood. As we allow this negative chatter grow it permeates within and also permeates without. If you can consider that all of life is connected in a matrix of Universal energy. Therefore everything and everyone is also affected by that energy. 

As we speak our thoughts from our Heart, however, we release our subconscious and empower it with positivity. Our words become positive affirmations of "I can", "I'm beautiful", "I'm great", "I am proud", "I'm a good person" and so on, this positive affirming chatter can run in our head, here created by the heart and so the source is Truth. 

Power of our Thoughts. 



As we allow this positivity to grow it permeates within, and also permeates without. And again affecting all around us.

Every word we utter is like a switch that ignites an emotion that has been embedded in our subconscious from an early age. 

Bearing this in mind, take a little time and pay attention to the chatter in your mind. 

Ask yourself a few questions and then choose to change the flow of energy. 

Where is it coming from? How does it make me feel? How can I change the chatter to positive affirming words to empower me?

By choosing to change our mind chatter we can alter the way we feel and begin to feel better within and therefore without. -

Power of our Thoughts  David Ellis