Does Positive thinking really work?

Gregg Braden summarises this well in one of his books, where he tells the story of the man with whom he carpools. One day Gregg went to the manas house to collect him, he was invited inside, and there he noticed post-it stickers everywhere, presses, kettle, doors, windows, with the message " My perfect mate is manifesting for me now ". Gregg asks him, how is this working for you? the man replies, honestly, Gregg, it's not working; I'll never find my perfect mate. And there it is in a nutshell!

The man did not truly FEEL this could happen to him; therefore, it could not.

Dr David Hawkins explains wonderfully well that our thoughts, without feelings and desires, are just thoughts. Also, what we seek, must be achievable. A great example that Dr Hawkins refers to is the house by the lake. With all my might and power, I engage my senses to think and feel about my desire to have a small house by a lake in the desert. No matter how I FEEL about this statement, it is NOT achievable.

Our positive thinking MUST align with our feelings; in other words, they must connect with our Hearts. They must be achievable. Another example: I want to win the lottery. I put all my power, thoughts, and feelings into that statement, but I won't win if I don't buy a lottery ticket, I won't win. Yes, of course, some geniuses will say, but someone else can buy it for you, and that's not the point; the point is, you must act for your thought and feeling to manifest.

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Other laws of the Universe may apply to our desires, such as the laws of Karma, our destiny, practicality and our Higher Self.

We might want enormous amounts of money – which might be achievable, but the Universe will calculate all events, past, present and future to analyse whether that money might be in keeping for our higher goals; if it is, the money will flow in, if not, it won’t.

If I’m facing a court case where I may go to jail, I can meditate on a positive outcome, visualise and feel the case unfold, and sense, feel and see the outcome. But what laws of Karma are being affected, who have I hurt, why am I here at this juncture, and what am I prepared to offer irrespective of the outcome.

My business is going bust; I am worried sick, I can’t sleep with concern, I seek help, I ask for my business to be saved, I beg for help – By begging and asking for the saving, I’ve admitted its demise, I have already surrendered to the fact that it's doomed. 

In all situations, apart from practicality, if we choose to remain positive, that means we think and feel positive, even though all looks like it is lost, if we give thanks for what we already have, where we are in our lives and what is being presented to us, if we move our thoughts from our mind to our Heart, allow them, anchor, in our Heart and feel grateful, feel a turn - around, feel the outcome of success; Then we have a great chance of actual success. Provided the outcome will not deter us too far from our destiny.

All laws require contract exchange; this is not a bribe or a loose promise. It is a contract where we commit to something in exchange for a favourable outcome to our plight. That commitment can be as simple as being Grateful for Life, irrespective of the outcome. A commitment to be forever grateful for living and life, a daily 10 minutes of gratitude.

Positive thinking is a lie.

Our thoughts can’t change anything; we can only change outcomes with our Hearts. We create our thoughts in our minds and then surrender those thoughts to our into our Hearts and feel. The feeling is the truth.

Let us look at the way to achieve what you are seeking.

What do I want?

I want money to pay my bills – Wrong answer.

I want €2340 by the 31st of January 2018 to pay my bills – Correct answer

Do not be vague with the answer, be clear and to the point. Think of everything that you wish to achieve, having a "Yes" or "No" answer, no grey area, precise and exact.

Do I deserve what I want?

Ask the question about yourself, consider every aspect of the question, and remember, you are entitled to nothing, so consider every way that you do deserve what you want and every possible scenario that you do not deserve what you are seeking. Explore what have you done for others, how have you contributed to society and the world, and how have you not contributed to others and the world, write them down, weigh up both sides of the equation and discover whether or not you really deserve what you are seeking.

Will anyone be hurt as a result of me wanting this?

Consider other people in this question, will I hurt anyone if I get what I want, will anyone be hurt if I don’t get what I want, and who have I hurt in the past that could be impacted on this decision.

Will others benefit?

Ponder on those around you in your life, who might benefit if you get what you want, and who might lose out if you are successful.

What difference will it make to my life?

How would your life change if you received what you want? How would your life be impacted if you did not?

What difference to others’ lives will it make?

How will other people’s lives be impacted if I am successful in obtaining what I want, or will it make any difference at all.

The steps to initiate positive change in your life and indeed other people’s lives:

1/.       Decide what you want. be clear, concise and accurate.

2/. The next thing is to consider the above questions, write down the answers and spend time contemplating the impacts they make.

3/.       Be sure that what you want is achievable.

4/. Make sure you FEEL your thoughts as real and truthful. Positive thinking transitioned to feelings work!

5/.       Find a quiet place and be silent for 10 minutes, contemplate and see THE OUTCOME of what you want. Not the journey to the endpoint, but the actual endpoint. In my example of needing money, you would see and feel the 31st January 2018 and €2340 available to you to pay your bills. How it manifests into existence is irrelevant as long as you remain true to yourself. Allow the Universe to take care of the detail.

6/.       Be grateful; every chance you get, be grateful. Again using my money example, be grateful for the money, even though you have not received it. Be grateful as though you already have the money. Gratitude and Truthfulness are the keys.

7/.       Look into the mirror, see the real you looking back, look into your eyes, and look into your Heart. Say the following three times with Heartfelt feelings and not thought. Throughout the day, say the mantra as often as possible with FEELING and BELIEF.

I AM (your name), I AM MY HEART, I AM LOVE, I AM LIGHT, I AM GRATEFUL (for whatever you seek), I AM (your name)

6/.       If the outcome is not as you desired, do not despair, stay Positive, continue to be thankful and grateful for where you are at and continue doing the small ritual as suggested. If you do, you will alter the outcome significantly, beyond your understanding. Again referring back to my example of money. I needed €2340 by the 31st of January 2018. But I only received €1500, so I’m short €840. Out of the blue, on the 3rd of February, one of the people I owe money too, tell me they overcharged me €840. All ends well.

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Positive Thinking - Positive Feeling

Believe that the power of Positive, Heartfelt feelings and emotions can and will change your present and future in whatever way you desire, as long as your desire is pure of Heart and for your improvement on your journey.

By David Ellis

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