The colour Pink - Pink is a very interesting colour. It is not a solid colour from the traditional RYB colour system. Pink does not fit into the traditional colour wheel of combining any of the three RYB colours resulting in secondary colours, nor does it form by combining any secondary colours. It is unique.

Pink for Boys and Blue for Girls

Pink derived its name from the flowering plant, Pinks, of the Dianthus genus. The verb 'to pink" dates back to the 14th century and means "to decorate with a perforation. 

In my lifetime, Pink was for Girls, and Blue was for boys. As a young boy, I recall I would NEVER be seen even looking at Pink, as I would have been called hurtful names, such as a Nancy, or faggot, of a sissy. This was the 1960s when boys were boys, butch, manly and did not cry and girls were girls pretty, sweet and all things nice, there was no room for anything in between, and that was it. 

The Boy in Blue by Thomas Gainsborough 1779

For many years, we have accepted that Pink is a feminine colour, while Blue is a masculine colour. 

Pinks and Blues

Today when a new baby arrives on the planet, the proud parents are showered with gifts of pink or blue depending on the child's gender, but, strange as it might seem to us today, there was a time when Blue was the "feminine" colour, and Pink was the "masculine" colour.

According to Jo B. Paoletti, a professor at the University of Maryland and author of Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America, there was even a time before blue and Pink were used to distinguish boys from girls. That colour was White!

In the early 19th century, boys and girls wore white until 4 or 5 years of age. A gender-neutral statement at its best and, from a colour perspective, perfection in the application. White is the colour of Purity, Innocence, and Transparency. Today we are all gender-neutral.

Professor Paoletti, in her book, tells us the change from White to Blue and Pink occurred late in the 19th century. At this time, girls usually wore Blue, and boys wore Pink.

White for Babies

In my opinion, the colour White for babies of either gender is a perfect choice; as I mentioned earlier, the colour of Innocence, Truth, Transparency, Oneness, Purity and Virtue. However, Blue for Girls was also excellent, as was the colour Pink for boys, allowing the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies to flow through the colour. Pink would bring out the feminine aspect of the boy, and Blue would bring out the masculine aspect of the girl. We all have both masculine and feminine, and we must find that balance.

However, as most trends are driven by media and marketing, in 1918, this was the case when the shift happened to "The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls", as was published in the magazine Earnshaw's Infants.

Today, boys are still dressed in Blue and girls in Pink. However, I'm confident that our new take on gender neutrality will change.

This exploration of gender colours brings us some clarity on the feminine energy associated with the colour pink.

A wonderful example in the history of Pink for Boys is the 1280s painting by Duccio of the Christ child dressed in Pink.

In the 1280s, Duccio painted the Christ child dressed in Pink

The Heart

Wonderful Pink is the colour of the Heart Chakra, associated with Love and the bridge between our lower desire Chakras and our upper divine Chakras.

Pink has been a colour of romance and Love as depicted in some of the art of cupid and his magical arrows of Love. But it's more than that. Pink is a mix of Red and White and therefore has the energies of both these colours.

Diana and Cupid 1761 by Italian Artist Pompeo Batoni 

Paradoxically, these are opposing colours. In this opposition, some energies or qualities cancel each other out, leaving a purer list of qualities.

The pure qualities of Pink are therefore listed below. Still, it is important to note that if Pink is one's favourite colour, and we try to establish a personality archetype from colour, these qualities may or may not be appropriate as we need both a favourite and least favourite colour to develop a personality archetype. But as a stand-alone colour, these are the qualities of the colour Pink.

The Qualities

Pink is a wonderfully soft and gentle colour, filled with peaceful dynamic energy and excitement. Pink is compassionate and tender life passion, not "what I will get" but "what can I give". It is realistic and stable with all the strengths of Red, yet simplistic and mindful of the White aspect.

Pink is filled with mellow humane consideration, yet stable and robust and full of vitality. Placid energy flows from this colour, and yet, it brings awareness and clarity because it is coming from the Heart space, and therefore Love is the core element.

Pink brings counsel and candour because of its openness. It is filled with virtue and vision with a soft approach to reality.

Some people yearn to be in Pink clothing, Pink environments, etc., whilst others almost go into cardiac arrest in the same circumstance. In a short sentence, Pink is all about the Heart and Love. Some people fail to connect with Pink, meaning they fail to connect with the Heart or Love. Others flourish, operating from their Heart Space.

Live in your Heart. Allow your decisions to be guided by your Heart and not your head. Pay attention to what your Heart says/feels, as your Heart will never guide you astray. Our Heart in the bridge is the space where we transverse the human condition and our Spiritual self. The Heart is the Matrix.

David Ellis

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