Perception Of Self

Everyone has a way they want to be perceived by others. Some of us want to be known, in this perception, for our hardness, some of us want to be known for our honour, whilst others wish to be known for their great big hearts.

These may be projections of the Ego. Or a shadow side of self. A cover story to Camouflage the truth within or just a simple lie.

Never the less it's how we wish to be perceived. But the perception is not always real and therefore those we align and surround ourselves within this state of deception will tell us what we want to hear and believe. We have attracted this energy to us, because of how we wish to be perceived.

However, a way to see past the cloud of perception. It is to look at what is congruent in the words and actions of those around us.

perception of self

Actions Not Words

I believe actions always speak louder than words. When someone tells us they love us but their actions are not in keeping in what our understanding of love is. Then there is a misalignment of that Love and energy.

When we are told by our friends that our friendship is all important but is incongruent with their actions. Then there is a misalignment in that energy.

In the humanness of the perception, our expectations of others bring us to our knees. Because our expectations of others will always be a reflection of our own perception of self and our high self expectations.

I personally have struggled with perception and the expectation of others to the point of almost destroying me and indeed the relationships forged in the process.

Perception of others is not relevant at all when we are guided by our heart. It simply makes no difference what people think.

Expectations of Others

Expectation of others is only a reflection of the perfection of the expectation of self. But sometimes and indeed most times out expectation of self is so high, we loose sight of how really great others are. I know from experience that my own expectation of me has created such pain in my life as I am let down hourly and daily in my life and struggle with the learning of lowering my own perfection and therefore lowering my expectation of self which of course in turn lowers the need for the perception of others.

This perception and expectation can cause emotional trauma and pain and therefore cause mental illness.

In truth. We don't need to have any attachment to others perceptions. It simply does not matter what others think of us.

Nor do we need to hold on to our expectations of others as they will only destroy us in the end.

- David Ellis