As an employer I employ and engage with staff all the time.

As a business consultant I engage with client staff.

So I understand only too well the challenge in the business world to stay in one’s Heart Space without being dropped on one’s head.

operating from the heart space

When an employer engages with his staff whilst operating from his Heart Space, this engagement can, at times, be misunderstood as the employer being soft or stupid, by those staff members who have not yet experienced a work environment or work ethic where honour and integrity is of primary importance.

Those employees will be like children; testing the work environment to see how far they can push the boundaries.

 Taking Action with an Employee outside the Heart Space

Some Employers who are not operating from their Heart Space may fire the employee immediately for testing boundaries; for the mere thought that any employee might think the boss stupid or soft is just unimaginable.

But where is the compassion in that? Where is the kindness? Where is the learning?

The problem usually occurs when a new employee is confronted for poor performance and challenged. The employee becomes upset.

Why? Because the employee realises they have been caught.

 The Employee has a Choice

The employee has a choice at this point. Learn and realise how great it might be to work in an environment where the employer and other employees share the same goals of honour and integrity.

Or they can sulk and reluctantly take the criticism and grudgingly go about their tasks in a miserable fashion equalling poor productivity and poor creativity.

 The Heart Space differs between Employer and Employee

The difficulty with the latter model is, the vibrational ethos operating in the workplace is governed by the ethos of the Employer.

The Employer is operating from a higher frequency because he is operating from his heart space. Therefore as the Employer is operating from a place of Love and Integrity.

This latter model of performance cannot withstand the operating work ethos and the employee either leaves or is fired for poor performance within days of the event.

operating from the heart space

 Utilising the Heart Space for Improved Performance

There are ways we can use to improve the performance of an employee utilising leadership skills that are driven by honour and integrity and that are freely given from a positive heart space.

 #1 Lead by Example

Many employees tend to mirror the characteristics, behaviours and actions of their work managers. If they see a manager slacking from tasks, employing non work related distraction techniques and generally taking actions that are not conducive to the success of the Company then they will subliminally feel that they have been given the green light to perform in a similar manner.

I addition, if they observe communicative techniques with other staff, authority and most importantly, clients, being conducted in a manner that does not display honour, integrity and most certainly does not operate from the heart space, then they will emulate this manner. This is a pre-requisite to a gradual, or sharp decrease in performance both internally and from a cost perspective and will have a resoundingly detrimental effect on business.

So lead by example. Be seen to treat other staff members and clients with respect, honour and integrity. Employ a high work ethic and show staff that you are not afraid to utilise your own skills for the betterment of the Company. Show how your skills impact Company performance and by doing so show other employees how THEIR skills, employed effectively, will do the same.

 #2 Manage Employee Expectations

Expectations should be communicated clearly to all employees. Through managing and coaching performance using motivational and coaching techniques, you can very quickly see how an employee responds to your positivity through performance.

If the employee shows a will to improve or progress with a work ethic that is ingrained with integrity then you know that poor task performance can be improved as the attitude from the employee is the right one. In this respect, operating from the heart space should empower and encourage the employee to work and perform in a similar manner.

If an employee fails to display improved work performance after these techniques have been employed then the signs are there that the attitude of that person is not being driven from the heart space. In this regard, action needs to be taken so that the negative energy does not permeate into the wider work environment.

 #3 Set Clear Goals and Objectives

Task related performance is the most logical way to develop a clear communication with that type of employee. If the negativity affects performance related tasks then there are clear guidelines of communication that can be followed to guide that employee to make a change. This change will either be a change from within or a change of environment. Managing this change using tangible objectives as a basis for discussion will bring this outcome to fruition.

communication from the heart space

Alternatively, task related performance can serve to strengthen the honour and integrity of a performing employee who is driven from the heart space. In this situation, words of praise and encouragement will maintain and increase this positive performance and create a motivational working environment. In this situation, rewards, whether tangible or motivational are of vital importance.

 #4 Reward Great Performance and Work Ethic

Ensure that rewards are consistent and frequently employed to recognise both task performance and a strong work ethic.

The rewards can be tangible, monetary, and promotional or they can simply be highly effective words of encouragement and praise.

Regular appraisal will ensure that communication lines are open and transparent, employees are fully aware of how they are perceived and performing and expectations are managed effectively.

The positivity of those that are rewarded will be viewed by those who may be under-performing and this will give those employees the motivation for change; if they want to. Using the underlying values of honour and integrity and operating from the heart space when using these communicative methods will allow all employees to be aware of your vision for the Company ethos and understand their role in this vision.

 Operate from the Heart Space and Business will Thrive

If we create a working environment for our employees filled with honour and integrity. That energy will permeate every cell in their body and every other cell and their life's change and become better. Performance is enhanced, staff are happier and everyone operates from the same space.

operating from the heart space

Operating ones business from a place of Honour and Integrity is difficult. I accept that. People from every walk of life misunderstand kindness for softness, which makes it challenging. But slowly we can change that by shifting the consciousness of the organisation from one modality to the other and leading by example. It all begins at the top. When we follow our heart, treat others how we would like to be treated, care for others like we would like to be cared for and stop living in fear of being caught out. Life changes. Life becomes magical. Business grows and money flows.

No matter how hurt we become by the actions of others. No matter how difficult the challenge is. Follow your heart. Stay in your heart space and Business, Life and Living takes on a new meaning. - David Ellis