Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday. My first client as a Counsellor taught me something I never understood, and that was. Not every child loved or even liked their Mother and not every Mother loved or liked their child.

That said, EVERY Mother is special. Mothers play two roles in life. Both are not necessarily interspliced into each other. In other words, the Mother may play only one role and not the other. A Mother brings us into the world. We gestate within her womb for almost a year. During that time, we experience all she experiences, every feeling, emotion, fear, Love and thoughts. She may really want us, or she may not. Either way, we already know within our cellular structure her true feelings and intent.

The next stage is birthing. She gives birth to us. We breathe our first independent breath, and from that moment onward, we are alone. At this stage, she may give us away or keep us. If she gives us away, the pain that is seeded within two hearts can never ever be healed unless there is a unification of epic proportions. Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday

Along the Journey

As mother and child proceed along their life journey. They both feel an emptiness inside that cannot be replaced with anything except each-others unification and Love.

On the other hand, Mother may keep us, raise us, Love us, and take care of us. OR not love us, not care for us, and raise us as with contempt, rather than a loving experience. If the latter is the case, we grow up deprived of Love. We grow up always looking outside of self for happiness and Love, we will always be seeking approval, acceptance and belonging.

Mother and Baby
Image courtesy of Nathan Dumlao Unsplash

If Mother keeps us and Loves us, cares for us and minds us, well, all I can say is that we have been blessed. This also applies to those amazing Mothers who take us into their homes and love and care for us as if we were their own. We get to become adults with a solid well-formed foundation.

All Mothers are Great

But allow me say this. No matter what has happened in the course of events of you arriving to where you are today as an adolescent or an adult. You would not be here only for your Mother and for that we need to be eternally grateful. Tribute them on Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday

As adolescents and adults, it is time for us to let go of the blame, to become responsible for our own lives, to forgive what has happened and move onward. To find peace within us and stop searching outward for approval and acceptance.

Mothers, no matter the circumstances, are Special Human Beings, we will never know what emotional pain lay behind their actions or decisions. We will never know what led them to the decisions they made. All we do know is this: They did the best they could do with the tools they had at the time.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you special women how have given birth to a Child.

  • David Ellis

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