No one can explain how it happened. Whether by divine creation or cosmic accident we are here, we exist and it's a true miracle and a gift that is rare and beautiful. The Miracle of Humanness.

miracle. Miracle of Humanness.This gift, this miracle of life has been revealed to me throughout time and space over and over again. As I watch the clouds race across the sky, as I listen to music and become touched to my core with its melody, as I look into the eyes of my dog who demonstrates a love for me that is unexplainable, as I see the ocean and its vastness, the power of the waves, and as I observe a baby pushing from the womb in its perfection, fully formed with intelligence, from a fluid seed. These are indeed miracles of life. They are gifts given to us by our creator.

Yes we can science a strategy that makes logical sense of all we are. We can strive to proof all that's provable. We can put a spin on all of creation so as to prove our origin and existence. To prove our human greatness. Or can we! Life is a miracle and we really cannot explain our existence. Our humanness. Our love. The power of our Heart.

In our human connection to each other. Our ability to care for each other, to have concern for all creatures of our habitat and our Great Planet. Our ability to love one another as we do, to feel the feelings in our Heart for another human being or animal transcends our physical forms into a space and place beyond the knowing or understanding of mankind.

This space or place I call The Universal Matrix of Love - David Ellis