The cellular membrane of the human cell has now been identified as the brain of the cell. The delicate egg like structure is where the memory of each cell is held.

The cells see hear feel and sense everything. They remember everything including our past.

I am not only referring to our past experience but also referring to our past lives that may have spanned thousands of years here on the planet.

Our cells are intelligent as individuals as well as collectively.


Electrical impulses charge through every cell of our body and of everything else. Every cell knows and talks to every other cell, not only in our bodies but in the entire matrix of existence.

Everything is made up of Cells.

Cells Exchange thousands of bits of information per second. Faster than we comprehend our brain to function.

These cells group together forming a giant web of communication across time, space and dimension.

In this grouping they link and communicate with all dimensions and time. We then wonder why we feel we have been in a place before or feel we know someone without ever meeting them before. We can even feel we have a bond with another person that defies everything in our reference point.

The memory of our cells carry this vital information so we can experience life and connection to others and our surroundings and environment.

Our cells make sure we connect with the people, places, animals and things we need to connect with at that time through this communication matrix.

It may be confusing for us at the time but the universal law of no coincidence is always at play.

cellsHave you ever felt the need to hug a Tree, embrace the Sea or had the irresistible urge to pet a dog?

Have you ever felt such a strong feeling of love, confusing as it may be to the human Ego, for another person irrespective of their age, creed, colour, race, sexuality or social charter?

This is where the cells of our body are simply connecting with other cells of memory and re-establishing that familiar connection.

We have all had these experiences, however our human Ego is not able to deal with them in a logical fashion and so dismisses them without further thought. But the instinctive bond or urge is so strong that it pulls us together no matter what the logical consequences are.

Science and the Cells

The human body and mind in all its complexity is a miracle of creation in which science is still battling to understand. This is because science will not accept any possibility that has no scientific basis.

Energy is just beyond science at present. One day we may catch up.

cellsIf we consider at one time we believed the Earth was flat and that was a scientific fact. We also believed another scientific fact and that was the Sun rotated the Earth. These so called facts serve to prove that science is ever evolving in its determination of facts.

Science has now established there is an electromagnetic field around and permeating the body with a recent discovery that the heart has its own independent electromagnetic field. Therefore it is just possible that science will accept the work of Dr Bruce Lipton in the work and research he has done on the Memory of the Cells.

I personally have experienced the feelings of knowing, in full truth, that I have been in places before that I have never been.

I also have experienced the love and irresistible bond between other human beings across gender, age, colour, and social charter.

Initially I was confused with what this was but the more I researched Dr Lipton's work and the more time I spent in meditation the more I realised the truth of my connection to all that is.

We are ONE with all that was, all that is and all that will be.

We are only separated by our Ego mind. That Ego that strives in logic for our survival here on the planet.

It is not a bad thing, it's like science. It cannot comprehend anything without logic.

If we allow ourselves listen to our Heart and Trust in the Truth of our Heart we can see the Oneness of everything.

- David Ellis