The Miracle of Life is all around us. We breath what we cannot see and yet trust that whatever it is that we cannot see will be there for us to breath and so we stay alive.

We feel a strange but awesome feeling in our heart, in our body when we think about or are beside that special person. We can't see anything but we feel something, an energy and we know that to be Love. Yet nowhere in our textbook at school or college is it explained. Yet we know.

We listen to a piece of music or a song that touches the core of our existence and we become emotional with tears flowing from our eyes. A piece of music can have such an affect and yet we don't even consider what has just occurred. A vibration of an energetic frequency aligns with our own to form a resonance within causing the emotion.

We see a new born baby in all its perfection, or imperfection. A sentient life form that was created by a fluid seed through an act of union. That Union may or not have been a loving Union but life finds its own way and we take it for granted. But really, what a miracle has just occurred. A life from nothingness.

As we read this article, we read, observe, evaluate, judge and comprehend without even considering that process that has just occurred. The awesomeness of the human brain. The human computer to be able to process, think, judge, remember.

The human Heart that beats without rest from the moment we are conceived to the time of our death. From a physical perspective delivering blood and oxygen to the organs of the body to sustain life and along the journey the Heart holds our love, emotion, integrity and honour.

Life as we know it is a miracle. The love that flows in our hearts is a miracle. When we consider the human consciousness. The mass of feeling. The oneness and unity of humanity and consider where in the physical body that occurs. We used to think the connection with within our brain. Now we know it is from our heart.

Take a few moments from your busy day and pause a moment. Find a quiet spot just for a few moments. Close your eyes and visualise your heart, feel it beating, feel it's rhythm. Visualise a glow of Light around your Heart. Imagine your Heart is opening and feel the love within you flow in your Heart and flow throughout your body and as it flows, if flows from your body to fill the space around you and as the space around you fills, you realise that everyone and everything within that space is open and accepting your Love. Give thanks and open your eyes.

A small gift for humanity by each one of us could fill all the voids with Love if we choose.

Life is a miracle. It is a gift. Be grateful and become busy living and not busy dying.

Become human beings not human doings.

Live in gratitude for the miracle of which you are - David Ellis