Today as I gaze out my window I see it is first flight for the Swallows. We have about ten nests around the house. They come back every year which I think is awesome.

As I watch them fly, bump into the windows, fall and fly again. I am reminded of my own journey in life.

Leaving the nest. Fumbling and falling many times and getting back up many times to become the Man I am today.


You cannot fail if you never try.

It’s safe and unadventurous.

But life was never mean to be unadventurous, so whatever your heart desires; follow that desire.

Your heart knows best. If you fail at least you have tried.

I still fall and fail. I still make bad judgement calls about business and people.

I still make stupid mistakes.

But I am still learning and each day is a new day for new learning and maybe one day I won't allow people hurt me, maybe one day I won't make mistakes, maybe one day I won't fall and fail, but I think that day will be the day I am returning home

- David Ellis