For all of us out there that have experienced hurt through loss of a loved one, relationship breakup, betrayal, lies, deceit, and a host of other human behaviours that cause hurt to our hearts. We feel pain.

Is that pain real? It feels real! The crushing, unexplainable pain that we feel in our hearts is without question real to us and yet if we went to have a physical check up at the doctor or hospital. The tests would reveal no pain and nothing wrong with us. But we are in pain. How is that possible?

We have been taught that our brain is the processor of the human computer. The heart was simply a pump. If we stop either. We die.

However science has now discovered that the brain is not the processor of the human computer. But rather the hard drive of storage.

The heart is not just the pump, but the processor and way more than that. It's also the power source.

Science have also discovered that the heart has its own EMF (Electro Magnectic Field). The Heart emits its own frequency independent to the EMF of the body and yet they are intricately linked.

Our physical heart is the emotional reseviour. Our Physical, Emotional and Etheric Bodies are all connected. They are not only connected but permeate our whole selves. So emotional pain or Etheric pain is physical pain.

If we listen to our Heart. Our true Heart, we would always stay on track and experience life in a more positive and loving way as the heart will never mis guide us.

In other words, the reference to conscience in the Catholic church is in fact a reference to our internal knowing of right from wrong through our Heart.

We hear about gut feeling, which is a feeling one gets in the pit of their chest. That feeling of absolute knowing, that what I am doing is right or wrong. This is what I am referring when I say listen to your Heart.

As an example, If you were to think back along your life and recall someone that has hurt you, then think back to the very first time you met that person, you will find that you may not have liked that person or something did not fit, yet through external circumstances you allowed that person in and forgot about the information you were given.

A prime area in which we don't pay attention to the Heart is lust, as we are too busy paying attention to our other anatomy. Another is when we have consumed too much alcohol or drugs. All external stimuli.

The Heart never lets us down. And yes we are here for our own journey, our own experience, our own learning. But we arrived on the planet with our own tool box and in that box were all the tools we need to transverse this journey. We just don't know how to open the box or use the tools sometimes.

Pay attention to your heart. Stop and rest a moment. Close your eyes and breath and listen to your heart beat. Feel it beating within your chest.

Realise that your heart has never rested. Never let you down. Never went asleep. It beats 24/7. Non stop and we don't even give that miracle a thought.

Think of your Heart today and listen to what it's telling you - David Ellis