Integrity among Lightworkers

What does the above the statement really mean?. 

I personally had an inner expectation when dealing with, or doing business. Especially with those who claim to be Light Workers, that they would be honourable and full of integrity in their dealings. I believed that those individuals who had spent years doing Spiritual Courses and expressing their love and understanding. That they would indeed, be full of Honour and Integrity. 

Yes! One would imagine these individuals would indeed be the all encompassing of Love, Honour and Integrity in their intention, business and living ethic. This is what they have learned on these courses. Right! Well, this has not been my experience. 

Usually when employing staff or doing business with others. I first go into my Heart space and drop into my gut over an extended period. Then if that is positive I run a blistering number of protocol checks and personality cross checks to ensure the person or company fits with my code of ethics, code of Honour and Integrity. This has served me well over the years as some of my staff and suppliers have worked with me for over 20 years.

Honour And Integrity 

But lately, I have encountered a new paradigm of staff applicant, course applicant, suppliers and contractors who are proclaiming to be all spiritual and "Light Workers". In each and every case, when I encounter a person or business, who talks the spiritual talk, I have forgone my usual protocol and in every case, I got it wrong. When the mismatch is brought to the surface and brought to their attention. They enter the blame game and blame all and sundry rather than admit that they did not have the skills to do the job or they were just too greedy in their quote. 

It's astonishing the lengths they then will go to defend their actions, to the point of verbal abuse and berating. They can never accept the blame for their own errors and misjudgements. 

Are these true Light Workers?  No!  

light worker

Light Chasers 

These are the Light Chasers and the real problem is. Any True Heart Space Light Worker will accept these vampires into their life, company or business without following proper protocol. And why follow the protocol, these are fellow Light Warriors who share our path to help and heal others. Well be aware of the Light Chasers. They can worm their way into your business, into you personal life in the guise of being all Light and Love. But they reek havoc in both. 

If you are an individual or in business. No matter what Spiritual course someone has, no matter who their REIKI Master has been. No matter who has recommend them.  Follow your PRIMAL gut feeling and follow your own protocol on befriending them or contracting them. 

I have been an advocate and teacher of "Heart Space" and "follow your gut" and I am not deflecting from that teaching here. However, more intense attention is required  because these vampires, these Light Chasers have the ability to manipulate that primal feeling that never lets us down. 

Heart Space And Instinct 

I always go into my Heart Space and follow my gut instinct and could not understand how or why this way letting me down. The truth is. It did not let me down.  As when I reflect back on the very initial recommendation or introduction of each of these individuals and contractors. The feeling was "NO". But very quickly after a few moments in their company and as they share their spiritual story, I was hooked, until I realised they were Wolves in Sheep's clothes. 

The lesson for me in this and indeed the overall lesson for all of us is. When anybody is presented to us and the primary overwhelming coincidental commonality is Spiritual Path. Put your guard up and be aware. Reflect back to the primary moment of introduction and recall the gut instinct. 

If the person or company or supplier is indeed on their Spiritual Path and they work from their True Heart Space. This will be revealed as a secondary commonality, not primary. 

Darkness has manipulated a new level of paradigm to ensure its survival in a new awakening world.   

David Ellis.