Sometimes it can be very difficult, as an employer, to fully operate a business from the Heart Space.


Boundaries may often become blurred between the employer and employee. This can stir feelings of vulnerability and betrayal as staff may push way beyond their boundary and so trample into your own space which can leave you wondering why you bother to be kind and treat them with respect.

This can be extremely upsetting to the humanness of self.

heart space

When you employ a business communication strategy that operates from the Heart Space you instinctively offer the respect to others that you wish for yourself,  however, in this paradigm, the expectations you have for others increases in line with your internal expectations and demands on the self.

When operating from the Heart Space, the heart is open to softness and sensitivity. This leaves it extremely vulnerable to the immersive experience of hurt and disappointment.

You start to analyse and dissect the self and doubt the Heart Space framework within the business as you begin to believe that clinical business tactics may be emotionally easier and cause less pain.

We know, though, that easy isn’t necessarily the right way.

We know in our self that when we face the disappointment, vulnerability and pain and persevere with the truth and integrity that exists within the Heart Space, then that knowledge of truth allows us to be at peace with self.

We conduct our business with honest integrity and fairness to others.

At the end of the day, we must reconcile with our own heart and know peace.

- David Ellis