Emotional Energy

When we think of personal energy we, in the main, relate to it in a physical sense. our emotional energy.

Do we have the drive and power to push through the physical activities of the day or are we limited. limited due to our body form, in what we can achieve?

Emotional energy is the equivalent of this with regards to the power of the mind and the feelings utilised with our approach to situations throughout the day. The difference with regards to physical and emotional energy being that there are no limits to your capabilities. Especially when it comes to the power of the mind as there may be with the physicality of the body.

Emotional energy is created within and radiated outwards and the strength and positivity of that energy is carried through in everything we do.

Emotional Energy

The Impact of Emotional Energy

The lift of emotion and determination in our minds is the deciding factor in how we can deal with situations as they occur. A strong emotional will and an openness to embrace life, people and situations will permeate the life around you and create an impact. That impact is dependent on the emotional energy you transmit.
The energy created through emotion has an impact on the way we view or relate to actions in our daily lives:

  • Have you ever wondered why the variation in perspective and opinion happens each time we paint or view a picture? The difference in how we see the painting can depend on the emotional energy carried at the time. If we are happy, sad or angry; this emotion will express itself onto the canvas or paper.
  • When we create a culinary delight, the energy we exude can affect the way we taste. Imagine being bitter or angry whilst cooking? We then are surprised when our food contains a bitter after taste!

We can also have an emotional impact on the people we meet. Consider your work environment; therefore if you work in a customer facing role your emotional energy impacts that interaction and that can be taken on by the people you deal with. Think about how your inner emotions affect these situations and the emotional atmosphere that is subsequently created.

Simple Steps to a Positive Emotional Energy

Have a Focus

Having a clear daily focus on the important activities in your life can set the trend for positive energy. These goals can be based on both physical and emotional objectives and can be as minor or major as you wish. When small steps are accomplished, it creates a sense of accomplishment. Along with an inner pride which radiates positivity, both in outlook and to the people you cross paths with.

Live in the Present

Your emotional energy should ideally be based on what you have in your control; which is always the present. You can choose to carry the emotional energy of the past but this is a choice. Remember you cannot change the past. Therefore cannot rectify any emotional energy that occurred there but you can decide that you want to enjoy the present with a clean slate.
This is also true for the future. Using emotional energy to worry about things that have not yet occurred can be detrimental to you as you experience the present. Enjoy that moment and share with others as you go about your day.

Surround yourself with Positive People

If you surround yourself with negative emotional energy then at some point it you will feel it yourself and carry it on to others. However Negativity from people can spread quickly so make sure to either attempt to change the energy through your own positivity or just simply remove yourself from the environment.

Channel your Inner Spirituality

Utilising your inner learnings through spiritual guidance is a fantastic way to connect your emotional energy. To connect with peaceful positivity. With an inner enlightenment of your true self you can create emotional awareness of the confidence and joy that spirituality brings.

Release Your Emotion

Our emotions are not just internal. They rise from the heart and, from the internal self, they radiate outwards. Our emotions will have an effect on everyone and everything we come in contact with. It is vital that these emotions are expressed and released. So that you can be free of the internal combustion and stress that is caused by holding your emotions inside.

Express your emotions.
Don't bottle them up inside.
Smile at whoever you meet today!

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