COVID19 - A Numerology Reading of the Name!. am a big fan and believer in Numerology. I use it daily for myself and my clients. Today, April 3rd 2020, I thought I would check the meaning of the name COVID19 from a Numerology perspective and was overwhelmed to find the following:


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Dominant Impression. 

This section describes the first and dominant impression the name "COVID19" conjures up in most people. 

"COVID19" reflects idealism, the good of mankind.  "COVID19" is the humanitarian with the power to make things happen and the integrity to stay the course.  A mover and a shaker without a selfish bone in its body, the name "COVID19" attracts respect, support, and devoted fans.  It seems even that the Universe tends to support what the name "COVID19" represents.  Speaks to people of all walks of life.  Tolerant and broad-minded. 

This name pursues goals other than money and power.  It seeks justice.  It wants to feed the hungry and heal the sick.  And yet, the resources it needs to do the job seem to always magically appear. 

Most positive characteristics: Integrity, love for all, charisma.   Encourages the best in people. 

Most negative characteristics: Naive, seeks fame, vulnerable to criticism, not a good judge of character. 

Vowel Vibration  

The Vowel Vibration of a name enhances or decreases the impact of the Dominant Impression, and sometimes adds a completely different flavor.  Read about the Vowel Vibration with the Dominant Impression in mind. 

The vowels in "COVID19" add warmth, comfort, caring and loving support to the Dominant Impression.  The vowels in this name reflect feelings of domestic security, commitment, lasting relationships, romance, responsibility, harmony, loyalty and generosity.  One senses sympathy and compassion, as well as understanding and forgiveness.  At the same time, the vowels can make the name "COVID19" also feel a bit stifling.  To some people, "COVID19" stands for intrusion, lack of respect for one’s privacy, and excessive emotions. 

For most people, however, "COVID-19" represents a genuine desire to help others, to protect the weak, heal the sick, and comfort the old. 

Base Vibration  

The Base Vibration is subtler than the Vowel Vibration, but should be considered equally important. 

The Base Vibration in "COVID19" is uplifting, inspiring, charming, and full of life. 

One senses joy and optimism.  It generates a positive outlook on life.  It reflects a sense of humor, wit and intelligence.  The base vibrations add glamour, romance and sex appeal to the name "COVID19". 

At the same time, the energy is scattered and often superficial, producing little or no results.  The name "COVID19" inspires early success and popularity, but more is required to make them last. 

However, there is also a distinct "lucky streak" that opens the door to opportunities. 


 The Dominant Vibration and the Vowel Vibration in "COVID19" are compatible and complement each other.  

The Dominant Vibration and the Base Vibration are not per se incompatible, but their qualities are reduced as a result of their association.  The Vowel and Base Vibrations though contrary, do not clash.  At times they actually complement each other. 

This reading is taken from the work of Dr Hans Decoz, and readings can be found at this SITE