Sometimes people come into our lives, we make instant connections with them. But against all odds spanning across age, social position, gender, colour and creed, both people feel this irresistible draw to each other.

It is like a bond of trust, knowing, loving, caring that surpasses all of our societal values and programming.

It is a feeling of absolute connection. Absolute love.


When we find these individuals we seldom know or understand why these connections and feelings are so strong.

Sometimes with these individuals we feel the need to mind and protect.

Sometimes we have the need to be protected and mentored.

Sometimes we need to be intimate even without a sexual connotation. Other times we have a burning desire to be sexual.

All these feelings and emotions are regardless of whether appropriate or not appropriate in our societal standing.

The immense feelings we have for these individuals beg us to question why we feel as we do.

cellsSometimes we can feel their feelings, we feel their love, their pain, their sadness, their joy and confuse thoses feelings for our own feelings.

When these individuals then leave our lives as is in the course of ours and their journey. We become broken hearted with a physical pain that is debilitating and we cannot understand why we feel as we do.

In most cases the feelings are amplified as we are sharing the same feelings.

But if we consider these feelings and how they impact on us and consider the irrational possibilities of the cause and be open to all possibilities. We then can look at past life connections through our cells.

For there is no sense or rhyme or reason for us to feel what we feel unless there was a solid strong connection with these individuals before in a different lifetime.

If we journey back through past lives using past life regression we discover that we may have had many many lifetimes with the individual or individuals we are now attached to in this life time.

When we explore that Phenomenon we often see that we have shared lives with theses individuals through different modalities of life threads, such as through family ties, such as a father, mother, brother, sister, etc., sometimes life long friends, maybe a protector or minder, sometimes they were the protector, perhaps a lifetime of mentoring and teaching.

And so on.


The threads of our past lives are connected to our present through our cells, brought through by the cellular memory of our core being, according to Dr Bruce Lipton. It makes perfect sense to me now how these connections are formed and how we feel as we do.

cellsOur past connects with our present so we can help each other to complete our journey in this life time. We may be blessed that these individuals remain with us throughout our life time or they may stay a short time whilst we work through our issues.

No matter the time or duration. They create such an impact in our lives we cannot never forget.

They remain deep in our hearts forever.

The exploration in past lives is indeed illuminating and educational as well as beneficial. Apart from being totally interesting.

It is a worthwhile exercise to experience and I recommend each and everyone to explore their past lives whether they have found the connections I am discussing here or not.

I facilitate past life regression through hypnosis should it be of interest to you.

David Ellis