Our Choices

Why do we settle for less when we always have a choice?

Why then do we complain about the choices we have made but manage to blame others?

An great example of this is when we enter a restaurant, we read the menu but are not fully happy and yet we stay, eat, and later complain about the bad restaurant and poor menu and we will find lots more to complain about because we were unhappy in the first place.

We always had the choice to leave.

Make a choice. If you’re not happy. Do something about it. Don't blame others on our inability to choose.

make a choice

We find ourselves drifting along in a relationship unsatisfied and unhappy. But we remain even though we have a choice to leave.

We then make every excuse under the sun as to why we have to stay but the real truth is, we choose to stay and then complain endlessly about how the other person is making our lives miserable.

If it's not working either work to make it work or leave. It's a choice.